Sunday, July 13, 2014

Transfer #3 and still keeping his head up!

Hello everyone! How is everyone going? It's been quite a week here in the Trott Park area. I started off the week with a trade off with Elder Matekohi in the Hackam West Area which is pretty much the Aurora of Adelaide. We killed it that day, it was pouring rain but we still biked around and found much success that day. It was cool to see two Elders work together who are in the same in take who have only been 3 months out. That night we decided to tract a street called Amos Ct. We thought for sure we would find some potentials on that street cuz of the name! We knocked a couple doors with no success but there was one door we knocked in particular that was the infamous highlight of the day. We knocked on this door and a man inside said "who is it?" we replied "its's the missionaries." he then said "not interested" and since we are always asking for referrals we said "would you know anyone in the area who needs some service?" He then went on to yell "No! Go away!" We then just said back "Well whave a great night!" He then took that as a sarcastic saying and we started to hear him yelling and cussing. So we tried to lay low and started knocking on more doors, and as we were doing that we still heard him screaming, and he came outside yelling across the street to us, cussing us out. I just yelled back, "hey brother, we're sorry whatever we did." he was obviously on something cuz when I said that he started to walk up to us, Me and Elder Matekohi just stood there, and he finally got right up to us and got right in my face, saying some weird things but I just stood my ground and he eventually walked away. I'm surprised that he didn't try to fight cuz me and Elder Matekohi we're prepared to defend oursleves. So that was a pretty crazy experience but seriously the day went so well. we got to see alot of people.
The rest of the week was pretty bad because me and Elder Villierme both caught the flu. We styayed at the flat most of the days because our ward was pretty much forcing us to relax. Everyone in the ward was bringing us food and medicine. We felt so loved this week. It was disapointing that we didn't get top work alot this week but I'm just glad we got to recover from our sickness.
Your probably all wondering if I'm packing or staying in Trott Park this tranmsfer. They announced this morning that I am indeed staying in Trott Park! And Elder Villierme is packing. We have Transfer Meeting tomorow so I'll found out who is my new companion then, but what's good is that we're going to be moving to a new flat within the coming weeks. It's good cuz we'll be in the middle of our area.
I'm very excited for this transfer, I feel as if we are going to have a lot of success. I don't know if anyone has noticed but I've had no baptisms so far, I have't even had an investigator come to church yet. But I will never let myself get down on that. All I care about is how hard I work everyday. If I know that I have been diligent everyday, that's enough because I know the blessings will come.
Love you all! See you next week
Elder Acker