Sunday, February 22, 2015

Darwin and the Northern Territory

Hi everyone! I'm emailing a day earlier today because we are currently in Darwin! Man I love it here, I do miss Katherine a little bit though! And to add to the fun, we're staying at Elder Briscoe and Elder Moonies flat! You guys probably don't remember but I served with Elder Briscoe in Onkaparinga District so its really good to see him again! We're both happy to be  in the Northern Territory.   Elder Briscoe doesn't want to go back to Adelaide, there definitely is something special about the Northern Territory.  I hope to stay here for quite awhile but whatever happens happens! The reason we're here in Darwin is because we had Northern Territory District Conference, and it was very good, extremely revelatory!  On my mission I've just really come to LOVE meetings, no matter how small it may be! I feel like every time I attend meetings I get the chance to reflect upon my life ad receive revelation for what I can do better, and this conference was awesome!  Lots of inspiring words!  I really do miss being in a full branch/ward. We had no one come to church last week, it was just me and Elder Aguilar, so yep its different. But ya we will be heading back to Katherine Wednesday.  I'm excited to change things and do better in Katherine, it really is time to step up and work harder. I love you all! Have a good week! 

Elder Acker

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Never a dull moment

Hi Everyone! Its been a fantastic week in Katherine, lot of stuff happening!

Friday Jan 29, 2015- We had lunch today at a place I've never been before. Its called Katherine Kebabs! And boy is it good! I've always heard about kebabs before but never have tried them before. Strangely, it reminded me of Taco Bell so I was a happy Elder. We then went to go see our aboriginal Brother Friday, he is the best! We see him basically every day and read the BOM with him and we were reading a part about Laman and Lemuel and how they spoke hard words unto Nephi and he is like, "Ya, they do speak hard words, I can't read some of the words" haha we got a good laugh out of that. He's getting better at reading everyday! We then went to go see a guy named Pat, he's been friends with the missionaries for a long time and he always lets us into his home. At the moment he is not very interested in the gospel so we go over there and have a good yarn with him. Yarn means talk here, don't ask me why cuz I don't know, I just feel cool saying it haha. We then went tracting and we came across an aboriginal lady that almost called the cops on us! SHe told us that she is a preacher at her local church and she doesn't want anyone on her property, crazy crazy. We then went to the Wilsons which is like the best family ever and the mom and dad gave us permission to teach their kids! Hopefully we can get the kids interested! We ended the night pretty bad because Elder Aguilar had a gnarly crash on his bike. His front wheel popped out off of a jump, results are included in the picture below haha. He's all good now though.

Saturday Jan 30, 2015- Because Elder Aguilars bike broke we had to get a new bike today. There's only one place to buy bikes here so we were limited on what to buy, we had to call the office multiple times to try to figure it all out it was pretty cool though because there is a new office couple in our mission, Elder and Sister Smith. They called me and asked me if I was a Bronco fan and I said I most definitely am. They said they thought so and told me they are from Aspen, Colorado! Awesome! I love having that here in Australia. Its pretty cool actually, I've seen quite a few of aboriginals wearing denver nuggets and broncos apparel. We then had the Northern Territory District Presidents family come up and we had dinner at their hotel room, it was really nice. They come every once in awhile to Katherine. 

Sunday Jan 31, 2015- We had a great fast and testimony meeting today, we had a lot of people at church and everyone beared their testimonies! It was great! 

Monday Feb 1, 2015- Pretty boring P day but I slept like for 3 hours haha we then went to the Lucchese's and had shepherds pie and played minute to win it games! So Fun!

Well that was my week up here in Katherine, might be my last week here but who knows, new transfer starts next week.