Monday, March 30, 2015

Another remote area!!

Wowzers it has been a busy week! I hope everyone is doing fantastic! 

Wednsday March 25- I arrived at the Alice Springs airport at 8 AM, I flew alone because I was the only missionary from Darwin to go to Alice so that was interesting being by myself for some time haha I arrived at the airport and no missionaries were waiting for me! Apparently they all thought I weas coming in later so one of the members at the airport had to call the missionaries to come pick me up. Alice Springs is so beautiful! It reminds me a lot of home because they have mountains and the weather is just the same pretty much as Colorado in the Summer. I loved it so much. I met my companion today, Elder Katta! I served one day with him in Adelaide before I came up to Darwin and he is the best! He is from Micronesia (I really don't think that's the way its spelled) but it is gonna be a miraculous transfer, I can feel it. Now I don't want anyone to be worried or freak out, especially you mom, but I have been transferred to Tennant Creek. The most outlying area in the mission. 5 hour drive away from any missionaries and we run the small little branch here just like Katherine. I'll be honest with you, I thought I was heading back to Adelaide, even President Carter did! I had an interview with him this week and he said that he thought I was gonna come down to Adelaide but says the Lord has called me elsewhere. We picked up Pres and Sis Carter at the airport this week and Sis Carter told me that when she found out I was going to Tennant, she thought about how worried my mom would be. But I just want to assure you all that I am feeling GREAT about where I'm at. I don't know why Heavenly Father has called me to serve in these two little areas but I know it is for a reason. 

Thursday March 26- We played some sweet basketball this morning with the district. Man do I miss playing basketball for reals. It was good fun. I then was on trade off with Elder Bush today, my zone leader who was also my zone leader back in Adelaide. We don't get along very well, the whole district kinda has a weird vibe ever since I've  been here so I'm pretty glad Elder Katta and I are away from it all. We did service for a family moving today for like 4 hours, it was great. 

Friday March 28- Started off the morning by sprinting hills, holy heck I'm so outta shape. Gotta get back to it! It felt good to exercise hard though. We had a wonderful Zone Conference today presented by Pres Carter and the Assistants. I had that great interview with Pres Carter too. Man, he sure does have the spirit of discernment. He honestly hit the target on everything I needed to hear. Most inspired man I've ever met in my life. I'm sad to see the Carters go in July. We will be having the Parkers coming in, they're from Vegas, he looks like a young guy too! Should be good but definitely big shoes to fill. I then taught a lesson with Elder Ware from Ohio to a man named Russel. We talked about prophets and there were tears that were shed, such a powerful lesson. 

Sunday March 30- Had church today! And I heard two great pieces of news today! First off I saw a man named Ben in The ALice Springs Branch that me and Elder Villiereme (my 1st companion) taught back in Adelaide. We were preparing him to be sealed in the temple to his wife. After sacrament meeting I was walking to class when he came up to me, it was so good to see him and he is indeed now sealed to his wife for all time and eternity! What a blessing! I then met a man in the branch that will be working closely with us in Tennant. His name is President Barton, and get this, he is from Littleton, Colorado and his sister is Sister Julie Meyers! Small world! Its great that I have a Littleton brother to work with in Tennant. I got to see Meet the Mormons for the second time tonight and it was great.

I forgot my camera this week so I will attach some next week

Love, Elder Acker

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Flying Wednesday

Transfer 8, week 6
Hello Everyone I am in Darwin right now and don't have long to email because of transfers but just wanted to let you know that I am out of Katherine and I will be flying Wednesday to somewhere in Alice Springs! Still staying in the NT (Northern Territory) ! Not quite sure which area yet in Alice but I will let you know next week. I hear great things from Alice so I look forward to it. :) It has been a great experience in Katherine, I have learned alot and have met some great people. I'll attach some of the goodbye photos. But anyways, my last week in Katherine has been so great. First off we met these 3 huge Samoian guys who are security guards at the local club and we got to have a huge feed at their place the other day, one of the best days of my mission, it was awesome. They can really eat alot haha. I look forward to the adventures ahead in Alice Springs. Oh I also got a very great call the other day from Sister Carter telling me that my dad is 100% cancer free! Way to go dad! I was so happy to hear that. I love you all and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Acker

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Book of Mormon and bad haircuts

HELLO EVERYONE! Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday March 10, 2015- 
Started off the day with a 3 hour zone training! Which is like the worst being in an outlying area because you have to listen to it over the phone, I can't wait to be able to attend meetings in person, better than having zone training in bed where you can't hear nothin! haha Elder Aguilars bike went flat today so we had to walk all day which was lovely. Felt like a zombie at the end of the day! At the end of the night we ran into this aboriginal woman who stopped us and asked us if we could walk her home, she was obviously drunk because we smelt it on her but she actually seemed really worried, so we walked her all the way home after walking heaps that day but it was nice to be able to do that for her. Delilah, our investigator also texted us tonight saying that she doesn't want to go to church anymore, we were bummed but then like 30 minutes later she says, "Never mind I'm reading the Book of Mormon right now." Crazy how the spirit works, as soon as she started to read that magic book her perspective changed. 

Wednsday March 11, 2015- 
We had a sweet run in with a guy named Anthony in town today!~He is a member of the church and lived here in Katherine in 2004 when the branch was pretty big! He's inactive now but we got to spend the day with him, he said he hasn't seen Elders in ages so he shouted us Macca's! that was nice. Oh and he is from New Zealand. Then had to give Elder Aguilar a blessing later that day because his stomach was acting up, there just always seems to be something wrong with someones health. We then went to go see Brother Tipene and Brother Sweet that night which is always the best! 

Thursday March 12, 2015- 
We ran into our former investigator named John today, we were just walking on the street and bumped into him, Elder Tanner and I used to teach him and he told us today that he couldn't get us outta his mind and he wants us to come back! We were so happy to hear that! Elder Aguilar cut my hair later that night, and this was his first time cutting hair and it looks like I got attacked by a cat haha its alright though, starting to grow back. Its funny because if that wouldvĂ© happened back home I woulda flipped but here I'm just kida like "meh, whatever". 

Friday March 13, 2015- 
Went to the Wilsons this afternoon, and they were just telling us a bout their trip to Bali, Indonesia. They are so excited and it seems like a great vacation spot! We went to Johns house today and it was...interesting. He is juist really into Sci Fi things so he just went on and on and on and we really couldn't get a word in. I hate when that happens. 

Sunday March 15, 2015- 
We had pretty good numbers at church today, 7 people! Good to actually see people show up! We then had an awesome lunch at Brother Tipenes house with the Lucchese's and Brother Sweet. It was so great to have all the members together for a feed. Oh and guess what!? I finished the Book of Mormon! I've reead it about 3 times before but this was the first time on the mission. I know that its true! It has helped me so much!

Monday March 16, 20-
What an awesome P-Day! Brother Sweet took us to Katherine Gorge! It was a nice hike up to a lookout, I loved it! I miss hiking! We then met a guy named Harry who is having us over for a feed later today. He's from Samoia, he's huge and played Rugby for Snow College in Utah! Should be good!

Elder Acker 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Frozen Cokes and building the Kingdom!

Hi everyone! Hope everything is going well! Its been a really hot week here in Katherine!

Tuesday March 3, 2015- Tonight we had dinner with the Luccheese's! We have family night with them every week and its honestly one of the best things to look forward to every week. We love being in their home because they are just the greatest, most down to earth people. Sis Luccheese always has fun activities for us all to play and tonight she created a church guess who game! I'm sure you've heard of Guess Who? before but she for family night she put the general authorities of the church as the faces. It was a lot of fun! 

Wednsday March4, 2015- I broke my sunglasses this morning so I had to buy some new ones! I seriously could not handle being out in this Katherine heat without my sunglasses, my eyes would burn up if I didn't have them. It has just been so insanely hot and humid, holy cow! We went to this kid named Jakes house today. He is 19 from New Zealand and he's living in Katherine for work. He actually is living with a less active member in the Branch! We've gotten to see him a few times and we shared a little bit of the Plan of Salvation with him while we were there. He's pretty much into the whole "livin it up while we're young" trend but he says that he has always wondered what it would be like to be religious so we will keep trying! Because it was so hot today, we had to get like 3 frozen cokes just to take a break and get some coldness haha 

Thursday March 5 2015- We went to Brother Fridays today, he's the most active member we have in our branch. The past 3 weeks its only been us 3 at church. He is a trooper! We went to go see him and then we did his grocery shopping! He told us that he needed some tucker (which means dinner) so he wrote down all he needed, gave us some money and we did his shopping haha We came back with spam, milo, and solo haha We love Bro Friday! 

Friday and Saturday- Its been a bummer because Elder Aguilar had some pretty major stomach issues so we had to stay in the flat most of the time because whenever we would go out, we would have to go back to use the restroom, he's better now so its all good! 

Sunday March 8, 2015- It was only us 3 again at church! We were hoping to get more but it never worked out. We have to postpone Delilah's baptism because she wasn't able to come to church. Things are slow right now but we're still pushing forward. 

Monday March 9, 2015- Had a real great P Day today! We went store raiding today, went to every single store here in Katherine just to see everything, it was a lot of fun haha we don't have much to do here in Katherine but we work with what we got. We also played a few games of billiards which was so fun! We then later that night got to see the 14 year old Shamis. He is such a great kid, and he truly does want to learn but his Aunt and Uncle won't approve. It really hurt me to see that. He has had a horrible upbringing with his parents and we just want to help him so much but there really isn't anything we can do without their approval. :( 

Please pray for Katherine that the Kingdom may build here. Elder Aguilar and I need the prayers. I'm so very thankful for all of you and your commitment to follow the Savior. I love you all! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Acker

2nd email that came after his blog email: 

If anyone is awake, I just wanted to let my family know how much I love them. My heart is full right now with everything that is going on. The news that I'm hearing from home and what's going on in Katherine and Adelaide lets me know that God is aware of everything. Lets all stay ACKER STRONG. I'm so proud grateful to bear our name and Jesus Christ on my badge everyday.  Wanted to share with you an email my Ward Mission Leader sent me today about how my investigator in Adelaide is doing. I don't know if you remember David but this email gives me hope knowing that God is capable of doing anything. Love you. 

Hey son.

Hope you are well….and staying cool…somehow.

Just wanted to let you know how David is going.

First of all…he wants to be baptised.

Still has some way to go with WoW but is progressing really well. 

I take him every week to the Addiction Recovery Program at Prospect Chapel. We’ve been for the last 4 weeks. Our first week was lesson 9 out of 12 but we’ll keep going so he gets the full 12 week course done and go for as long as he keeps benefitting from it. 

Last weeks lesson was on service. You see, addictions are all about being selfish….only thinking about yourself, so the lesson on service teaches the blessings about thinking of others first.

The previous Saturday… David went to the Adelaide Hills where the fires were recently and spent the morning giving service. He really enjoyed it. Then on Friday 2 days ago I arranged for him to give some service with the Elders to a family in the ward. 

To show our love for David, the sisters n elders n Lyndy n I all went to David’s yesterday morning and tidied up his front yard. Sis Funaki was a machine on the lawnmower (had never used one before) and mowed his whole large front yard. I did all the edges with my whipper snipper, Lyndy weeded, Elders did stuff and Sis Soh (trade offs) weeded too. David was so grateful…and HAPPY. He had a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Love that guy.

He has pretty much given up booze. He has halved his smoking by using nicotine patches and is going 2 weeks at a time with no drugs. He really wants to stop all of these things and is slowly noticing the changes to his health as he abstains.

I don’t remember a Sunday where he has missed church. He participates in lessons and even said the closing prayer in GP class a few weeks ago. He’s a changed man.

Thanks for all you did for him. Your love and patience and persistence has helped him immensely. 

Love you son.

Mum n Dad Watts

Monday, March 2, 2015

Transfer 8, Week 3.

Lots of yards have locked fences so the missionaries cannot knock on their door.  Elder Acker said it is "Frustrating!" 

Meeting new people at Rosalyn's

Hi Everyone! Its has been a heck of a week! Very busy and a lot of things to share! Luckily I brought my journal today so I don't forget! 

Wedsnday Feb 23, 2015- We had a great stay in Darwin and are now back in Katherine and we brought some Elders with us! Elder Johnson from Utah (who is going to play Utah State basketball when he gets home) and Elder Kellese from Samoia. We took a nice road trip together to Katherine stopping at KFC along the way, KFC is so big here its so funny. Elder Johnson and I went on trade off today and it was quite eventful haha, first we went to go follow up with an aboriginal woman named Rosalyn and we got there and she had heaps of people over and they were all drunk.  It was fun, we talked to them for awhile and then we got a picture with all of them! Later that night Elder Johnson and I were parked on a street and we saw this guy attacking an aboriginal woman, we quickly got out of the car and had to separate them, the guy tried to fight us but he was just too drunk to stand. We called the cops and they came and had to tackle him to the ground, haha that's Katherine for ya. Oh and I crashed again on my bike in Katherine, got banged up even more than my last fall but I'm all good! 

Thursday Feb 24, 2015- What a miraculous day it was today! Our zone was commited to get 40 contacts today and we got it and because of that we found 7 potentials and 1 new investigator! It was one of the best days of my mission, I just love talking to people! The new investigators name is TN, he is 17 and is from Vietnam, we knocked at his door and he let us in so we taught him the restoration! He plays ball too so I'm excited! 

Friday Feb 28, 2015- Had a pretty normal work day, it was pretty funny though today because we were biking at night and then we hear someone honk at us and its Brother Sweet, a less active member in our area in a pizza delivery truck! He just got the job and that night we got free pizza from him! It was awesome! 

Saturday Feb 29, 2015- You would not belive how hot it is here, we are exhausted but it feels so good at the same time! We worked our buns off today and everyone was nice and gave us popsicles and water bottles all day.  Everyone felt bad for us haha.  We actually knocked on the door of the cop who tackled that drunk man the other day, we all had a good laugh together.  He wasn't interested but had a good chat with him. I then almost got my face bitten off by a dog, I was poking over a fence and a dog came out of nowhere and chomped near my face, scared the heck outta me. 

Sunday March 1, 2015- We had Bro Friday and Mary at church today, we planned to have a lot more but things came up with people but it was alright and we have Delilah on date for baptism on March 14! We then met a funny kid named Shamish who is like 14 but acts like he's like 21, he was a crack up. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is excited to read! 

Monday March 2, 2015- Normal P Day, went shopping, and had kangaroo burgers for the first time! I liked it! We then went to the Wilsons and then rode our bikes back home in the pouring rain! 

Its been a great week, we have big hopes for this next week, pray for Katherine! Pray that we can stand the heat! haha Love you all! 

Elder Acker