Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transfer 7, week 4


Its been a pretty dull week this week, I've been sick for most of it so that's a bummer. I'm all good now though, and we're ready to smash the work this week! 

But from the time that we we're actually doing stuff when I was not sick its been good. We got Brother Friday to church this week, he hasn't been in quite awhile because he had no way to get to church but he decided to take a taxi to church. Church this Sunday was only me, Elder Aguilar, and Brother Friday. Pretty interesting Sabbath Day haha great experience though, we're going to make sure to get more people this week for sure! That has basically been the highlight of the week, its so dang hot up here I might die and our bikes have been braking heaps lately but we're still pushin! 

I love to hear from you all every week, thank you so much for your support! 

Elder Acker

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Transfer 7, Week 3 with the crocodiles

Hi everyone! Its been a very eventful week this week and I actually brought my journal this time! Sorry that my latest posts have been pretty bland haha

Monday Jan 12, 2015- We were in Darwin and we went to Jumping Crocs on Adelaide River! I'll attach a pic in this email which will explain well what it is but it was so cool! There was one croc that was humongous and when it chopped it made my chest vibrate! So crazy, they are really amazing creatures. Great experience! 

Friday Jan 17, 2015- We have an investigator named Delilah who has been taught for awhile now. She's in her 20's and she is taking care of her little baby sister at the moment. Her mom past away about 3 months ago and her uncle recently past this past weekend. She 'hadn't been to church for about 6 weeks but she decided to show up this past Sunday. She says that she feels like she needs the gospel back again, and she committed to be baptized next Saturday! When she told us that she was ready and committed my heart just dropped. I am so excited for this step she is going to take :) 

Sunday Jan 19, 2014- This Sabbath Day was very unusual....no one came to church, absolutely no one. Elder Aguilar came prepared with epic talks and no one showed! Everyone was either out of town, sick, or just didn't come. Delilah was on the scene at a car accident because she is a nurse. Anyways, ya no one showed but it will be better next week! We went over to Delilah's that night to talk to her and she expressed to us that she is scared for her baptism, a little shock went through my body, I didn't want her to flake so we just talked to her and she said she is scared she'll hit her head in the baptism. I told her that I have never baptized anyone before and she was kind of scared about that but then we demonstrated it and now she has no worries! She's ready to go!

Monday, Jan 20,2014- P Day is always a blast in Katherine, we got Target, a dollar store, and a toy store, so we did some pretty good shopping haha, nah we spent a lot of the time at the flat playing table football that my parents sent me for Christmas and it would get pretty intense! We then went to the Lucchese's that night for dinner and it was great! I love being with them, their so fun to be around, they feel like family. I'm so grateful for Katherine, I've grown to love these people. I don't want to leave! 

That was my week this week! Hope everyone is doing well! Catch ya next week!

Elder Acker

Monday, January 12, 2015

Katherine is picking up!

G'day everyone! How blessed I am to be able to email you all every week. I think about and pray about all of you each and every day. Everyone who is reading these emails has a special place in my heart and I want you all to know that. Being on this mission makes me appreciate the family and friends I have at home. 

I unfortunately forgot my journal this week, so I'm just going to be going off my memory haha

We had a great week in Katherine and we had 14 people at church including an investigator and a less active who hasn't been to church in about 2 years! We had two other missionaries with us from Darwin in Katherine this week. Elder Godffrey from Utah and Elder Miller from England. It was alot of fun! We're in Darwin at the moment and we plan to go back to Katherine tomorrow! 

There's not much more to tell from this week cuz I forgot my journal but I just wanted you all to know that I love you and I love this Gospel, I think alot of the times we feel like we don't necessarily need it in or lives but I can assure you that we do. We may become comfortable with the gospel in our lives and soon come to realize that we don't feel any power from it anymore, and the best thing to do is to rekindle that fire when your in that situation. I've come to realize in my own life that as soon as I became a little be casual or selective in living the gospel, I soon come to realize that there is security in living the gospel. Yes, we are different from anyone else in the world but I sure do know that this is the safest place we can be. It may be hard sometimes to hold onto that iron rod because of the temptations around us but as soon as we let go we become vulnerable. I need this gospel in my life to go on. Without it I would be lost.

I love you all

Elder Acker

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Very short and sweet! Transfer 7, week 1

Friday, January 2, 2015

Photos from Christmas Eve

When we first connected with Joe, he could hear us but we could not hear him!   It went on for about 15 minutes like that! 

Finally he and Elder Tanner figured it out and were fully connected!!

Brad "carried"  Elder Acker downstairs where he said hello to everyone.  First, he wanted to sing "Silent Night", so we all sang together.   

  Then he was passed along to all his family for some holiday wishes


 He even got to watch a little of Santa Claus (with Tylie!)

 After he said his "hellos" we took him back upstairs and had a lovely time talking and sharing.  He and Elder Tanner sang us a song and Joe shared his testimony and gave us council.  We spoke for a total of an hour and 20 minutes!   What a wonderful gift it was.