Sunday, January 3, 2016

Transfer 15, Week 5

Hello everyone! Yet another week in the mission field, not a lot to report but I will try my best to make this email enjoyable haha
Monday, Dec 28, 2015- Today we had a great P-day! We actually went out with Dave, the Tongan member that I love, and we did some shopping. He took us out to lunch at Chinatown. There is a big Chinatown in Adelaide and you can go to a place where you pay $5 for all you can eat. We we're in Asian heaven. Adelaide is pretty much Asian land, I guess I belong because everyone thought I was Asian in high school haha. After the Chinese buffet (boo-fey) he took us to Krispie Creams, yes there is 2 Krispie Cream in Adelaide.  It was a p day well spent.
Tuesday Dec 29, 2015- Today I went on trade off with Elder Larson from Arizona,  he's the man, he actually served in the Centennial Ward for a bit because he had to VISA wait in the Denver South Mission, so he knows some of the members in my home ward. We had a good trade off today, went to the Stablers for dinner which was really good.
Wednesday Dec 30, 2015- Today I went on yet another trade off with Elder Mooney, my old companion from Utah, good to serve with him again and to see how we both have improved since being together. Did a lot of biking and talked to a lot of people! Good trade off
Thursday Dec 31, 2015- Happy New Years Eve! Wasn't too eventful today because we we're required to go home at 4 in the afternoon because of the craziness that goes on here on New Years
Friday Jan 1, 2015- Today I went on yet another trade off with Elder Flinders from Utah, he's a good man, and we worked really hard today, saw a lot of people and taught a lot of lessons, always good to have busy days like that.
Not much else to tell! Love you all! Have a great week!