Sunday, November 2, 2014

A nice tribute to his dad

Hi everyone! How are you all?!
What a week....
Start off by saying that I was dead sick with a fever half of the week, which was rubbish. It's no fun to be sick! But I'm feeling alot better now, thank you for all your prayers in my behalf :) It was kinda special though to have the time to ponder as I was sick in bed for 3 days. You never really get that time to ponder things when your missionary because your always running but that was definitely a good time to ponder all the many blessings my Heavenly Father has given to me. I'm so thankful for this mission and this gospel. It brings me so much happiness and purpose to my life. I want everyone to feel that so please if you feel like you need to find truth, happiness, light in your life, LIVE THE GOSPEL! Another thing I was able to ponder while I was sick in bed was apprecaite, love, and gratefullness for my Father... on earth! My dad is my best friend and he always will be. I have lived my whole life looking up to him and his example. It brings me tears thinking about my dad and his strength and faith in the gospel. I kept thinking of the hours on hours of pain he must've felt, but never showed... I pictured him in bed for days and days and yet he never complained.... My dad is a hero everyone. There's nothing wrong with righteous pride. My family is my life... FOR ETERNITY! WHAT A BLESSING! We can live with our families forever! I know this is true because I have felt the confirming witness of the spirit of God that it is. You all can feel that same witness too. Just ask God :)
Thursday Oct 30, 2014- This was our first full day proselytning during the week, it was good to get out working! Not much happened besides the fact that we met a man named Peter who was enjoying the sunset while drinking his wine and he let us inside his hokme. He was drunk but agreed to let us come back.
Friday Oct 31, 2014- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As Elder Dass and I were roaming the streets of Adelaide, we saw few trick or treaters compared to America. It was still fun though to see some kids out there. That day we went to go see a less active family named the Dorn's. I used to visit them every week at the start of my mission but then they asked if we don't come back. But this week I really felt impressed to go see them and they were lovely! We got to catch up on things and they seemed really happy and friendly.
Saturday Nov 2, 2014- Day full of service. Helped the Watts move then had Hungry Jacks all together.
Sunday Nov 3, 2014- We had a great testimony meeting today, it was really special because everyone was testifying and showing appreciation for the missionaries around the world. We just felt grateful that the members in our ward love us as much as we love them. Elder Dass and I then had the chance to teach combined Elders Quorom on missionary work and it went really well!
Thats about it for the week, hope this next week goes well for you all! Elder Dass and I will be trying to find people to teach all week so please pray that people of Trott Park may be prepared!
Love you all!
Elder Acker

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