Sunday, August 24, 2014

2 letters and some photos

Transfer Announcements Today! For transfer #4 I will be... staying in Trott Park, still with Elder Tau!
We've still got some work to do ;) One of my best friends in the mission Elder Matekohi is packing :(
i just wrote you all a few days ago so I don't have much to share but I'll run you through anything that has happened!
Well for starters Andrew came to church again! He just walked in and sat right next to Brother Whitrod. We hope to invite him to baptism this week so please pray for us that we may be able to invite powerfully and spiritually! He's our only investigator at the moment so we're having trouble finding people to teach but we're going to "hunt" (Jer 16:16) We helped a new family named the Butlers move in to the ward this week and man am I excited to hae them here. They are from Idaho and they love having missionaries over. Brother Butler is a convert and he has an amazing dream conversion story. he dreamed of his baptism and it happened exactly the way he dreamed. We helped them move in then they took us to Hungry Jacks which is the equilavent of Burger King. Thats about it for those few days.
D+C 100:4 gave me a lot of comfort this week. It says "Therefore, I the Lord, have suffered (allowed) you (Elder Acker) to come unto this place (Trott Park). for thus it was expedient to me for the salation of souls." Sometimes I may not feel good enough to do this work or that I'm not qualified enough but this scripture let's me know that God trusts me to work in this part of his vineyard. And this goes for all of us. We have been placed in the places and times we are today because Heavenly Father knew that these places and times were right for us to be a part in the work of salvation.
Love you HEAPS!
Elder Acker

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