Monday, August 4, 2014

No letter, but something better...emailed back and forth for an hour last night!

No letter this week from Joe as he was too busy moving to journal anything.  Instead we emailed back and forth with him for awhile last night.  Pretty cool.  He is doing good.  New companion is working out fine and work is slow right now.  He moved to a "humongous" new house and loves it.  He also sent some photos. One of two members that fed him dinner that I think are recent converts.  He is inspired by them and their conversion.  Also, sent a photo of him with a ginormous sword.  One of their investigators named Craig has a knife and sword collection.  Yikes.  Oh, and he told Samantha that he misses Mexican food.  So, that's about it for this week.  Thanks for all you prayers!  


  1. No letter this week but has there been any letters in the previous month ish...?

    1. Thanks for noticing, Brad. I just added them now!!