Sunday, September 14, 2014

Men of God and the Word of Wisdom

Hey Everyone! Yet another week to report (crazy week) :) Thank you so much to everyone who is sending me things, its always great to see the love from home and I can feel all the prayers so thank you!
Tuesday Sep 9- What a great day that was :) We had district meeting and President and Sister Carter attended. I don't think I've ever seen a more inspired man than President Carter. It kind of makes me sad to think that him and our "mission mom" Sister Carter are leaving in June. The next Mission President has big shoes to fill ;) It was a great meeting and we were trained on resolving concerns and bearing testimony frequently. Me and Elder Tau have been able to implement that training this week and we see the blessings of it. For all of you that plan on serving a mission, the way to be successful is to apply the trainings! We all had interviews with President after while Sister Carter went to go get us Hungry Jacks (Burger King in AUS) I got to talk to them both about the lovely Balli's. It is so amazing to seem them serving in New Zealand. The respect I have for Mission Presdients is big. They are most definitely MEN OF GOD.
Wednsday Sep 10- I think I've told you about David before but we taught him that day. We walked into his home and he was drinking beer and smoking a cigar. And it was just our luck that we planned to teach him the Word of Wisdom that day.. So I introduced a scripture to him about how our bodies are temples and he just stopped us right in our tracks and said "listen, I can't give up drugs, alchol, or smoke. The drugs help me" So then he started going off on a tangent and the Word of Wisdom lesson turned into a Law of Chastity lesson, and he started asking us all the things "Mormons" can't do. It wasn't an effective lesson. We left at the end of the lesson while he was still chugging beers. So then we went to a members home for dinner and from about 6:30 to 2 AM, David left about 40 voicemails, cussing us out, saying some really nasty things. He was obviously hammered. We didn't call him back, and by the next morning he was still sending through these voicemails, and eventually he sobered up and started apologizing. No wonder we have the Word of Wisdom.
Friday Sep 11- We helped the Idaho family named the Butlers move more stuff in. (They aren't related to the Shaytards by the way) but their seriously the best. Bro Butler is a Tai Kwon Doa teacher, recording artist, and a good chef. He's the man. And Sister Butler is hilarious and their kids are so cute! There a great family! We then had a lesson with an investigator named George and we gave him a Book of Mormon! He said that he has always wanted to read it so hopefully when he reads, he feels the power of it!
Saturday Sep 12- Hottest day of mah life. And guess what it was only 22 Celcius. Its supposed to get 44 during the Summer. Im gonna die. It was an unlucky day. It was hot, nobody wanted to talk to us, and a bird pooped on my head. But we have to have those days sometimes :)
We received instruction from Elder Pierson  this week, the Pacific Area President, and he asked this thought provoking question to us that I want you all to ponder this week. "What level of spirituality am I choosing?" We CHOOSE how spiritual we want to be. We CHOOSE how close we want to become to our Savior and Father in Heaven. Are we doing all that we can do increase our spirituality, or are we just being lazy.. If we want to be more spiritual, the answer is obedience. Are we doing all that we can to be obedient in our lives? And not only obedient, but exactly obedient? Are we doing the things that we need to everyday to keep the spirit with us, or are we too tired, so we decide to watch the game or the new TV show. If you are not personally and as a family reading your scriptures and praying everyday, I invite you to REPENT. CHANGE. You choose how spiritual you want to be. We're all not perfect but through Christs grace we can be. Choose this day to increase your spirituality. Its up to you.
Love you all. GOD BLESS
Elder Acker

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