Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tennant Creek

G'day everyone! Happy Easter! 

Tuesday March 31, 2015- The aboriginal kids here love to play basketball! Lucky enough that Elder Katta and I love it too. We spent most of the day today playing basketball at the sport and rec club with all the kids. It was a blast. They are all such great kids. Everyone who I have talked to that has served in Ternnant Creek has said that the kids are the best and I can definitely see that, they're all crack up. So later on that day our power went out at the flat so we had to go buy a power card. We buy power cards to keep the house running haha.

Wednsday Apr 1, 2015- We had a lesson today with Maria, a member here. We read the scriptures with her everyday. We then got a new investigator named Terry and also put an investigator named Gail on baptism date. Its been a great day! 

Thursday Apr 2, 2015- We did a car wash service today for some people which was a lot of fun! We then were fed meat pies. Today we tried to visit a lot of people but no one was home! Long day

Friday Apr 3, 2015- We taught a less active named Susan today. She really enjoyed it and wants to come back to church. We then saw Terry again and taught the Restoratiion. We then tauight an 11 year old named Locky, he is great, he really wants to be abptized but his parents aren't allowing him but he will get there some day. 

Saturday Apr 4, 2015- Ran hills this morning with Elder Katta and now my legs are dead. We had a lesson today with an investigator named Kristine, it went well and she came to church! We then had a spaghetti dinner at a man named Lau's house. He's not investigating but he has been feeding the missionaries for ages now so its every Saturday we go over.

Sunday Apr 5, 2015- Had Sacrament Meeting this morning, only 3 people showed up but the Spirit was still present. I spoke on the plan of salvation. We then took a road trip to Elliot, a town next to Tennant and proselyted there for the day. 

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Acker

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