Monday, March 30, 2015

Another remote area!!

Wowzers it has been a busy week! I hope everyone is doing fantastic! 

Wednsday March 25- I arrived at the Alice Springs airport at 8 AM, I flew alone because I was the only missionary from Darwin to go to Alice so that was interesting being by myself for some time haha I arrived at the airport and no missionaries were waiting for me! Apparently they all thought I weas coming in later so one of the members at the airport had to call the missionaries to come pick me up. Alice Springs is so beautiful! It reminds me a lot of home because they have mountains and the weather is just the same pretty much as Colorado in the Summer. I loved it so much. I met my companion today, Elder Katta! I served one day with him in Adelaide before I came up to Darwin and he is the best! He is from Micronesia (I really don't think that's the way its spelled) but it is gonna be a miraculous transfer, I can feel it. Now I don't want anyone to be worried or freak out, especially you mom, but I have been transferred to Tennant Creek. The most outlying area in the mission. 5 hour drive away from any missionaries and we run the small little branch here just like Katherine. I'll be honest with you, I thought I was heading back to Adelaide, even President Carter did! I had an interview with him this week and he said that he thought I was gonna come down to Adelaide but says the Lord has called me elsewhere. We picked up Pres and Sis Carter at the airport this week and Sis Carter told me that when she found out I was going to Tennant, she thought about how worried my mom would be. But I just want to assure you all that I am feeling GREAT about where I'm at. I don't know why Heavenly Father has called me to serve in these two little areas but I know it is for a reason. 

Thursday March 26- We played some sweet basketball this morning with the district. Man do I miss playing basketball for reals. It was good fun. I then was on trade off with Elder Bush today, my zone leader who was also my zone leader back in Adelaide. We don't get along very well, the whole district kinda has a weird vibe ever since I've  been here so I'm pretty glad Elder Katta and I are away from it all. We did service for a family moving today for like 4 hours, it was great. 

Friday March 28- Started off the morning by sprinting hills, holy heck I'm so outta shape. Gotta get back to it! It felt good to exercise hard though. We had a wonderful Zone Conference today presented by Pres Carter and the Assistants. I had that great interview with Pres Carter too. Man, he sure does have the spirit of discernment. He honestly hit the target on everything I needed to hear. Most inspired man I've ever met in my life. I'm sad to see the Carters go in July. We will be having the Parkers coming in, they're from Vegas, he looks like a young guy too! Should be good but definitely big shoes to fill. I then taught a lesson with Elder Ware from Ohio to a man named Russel. We talked about prophets and there were tears that were shed, such a powerful lesson. 

Sunday March 30- Had church today! And I heard two great pieces of news today! First off I saw a man named Ben in The ALice Springs Branch that me and Elder Villiereme (my 1st companion) taught back in Adelaide. We were preparing him to be sealed in the temple to his wife. After sacrament meeting I was walking to class when he came up to me, it was so good to see him and he is indeed now sealed to his wife for all time and eternity! What a blessing! I then met a man in the branch that will be working closely with us in Tennant. His name is President Barton, and get this, he is from Littleton, Colorado and his sister is Sister Julie Meyers! Small world! Its great that I have a Littleton brother to work with in Tennant. I got to see Meet the Mormons for the second time tonight and it was great.

I forgot my camera this week so I will attach some next week

Love, Elder Acker

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