Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy, happy, happy

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone's week has been great! Here I am yet with another week of Adelaide adventures!

Monday May 18, 2015- Our P Day was spent today helping all of the senior couple missionaries move. It was actually quite fun with everyone in the district there and the new houses that they moved into were so dang nice! The houses in Adelaide are just beautiful, one of the many exciting things about door knocking besides the fact that were offering salvation to people is that I get to see all kinds of different beautiful houses. The houses are much more abstract in Australia it seems compared to America. Later that night we taught an Indian couple named Shinoy and Samida. They have been in Australia for only a few weeks, we taoguht them the Restoration but they unfortunately don't want to take the lessons any further. That is usually the situation throughout my mission but I have faith that there are people out there ready to listen! We then taught a guy named Kaleb who is in his 20's and is Christian, we taught him the Resto also and it went well and we have a return appointment tonight! 

Tuesday May 19, 2015- The most normal day birthday I have ever encountered in my young years. Yes I did turn 20 today but it was just like any other day besides the wonderful packages I received from my family and Aunt Robbin, thank you so much by the way! It truly means a lot! But I will always remember on this birthday was the day Elder Hayes took a mean fall off his bike, poor guy slid out on some mud and banged up his knee pretty bad. We then had to walk about an hour and a half to get to our dinner appointment which really was hurting him but he's a warrior, let me just tell you how much I respect my companion. Honestly, he is a testimony to me that God truly does change us as we look to Him. there is such a big difference in him from the first time I cam into this area. He has truly relied on Heavenly Father and because of that he is happy, happy, happy and that means I am happy, happy, happy. We had dinner at a couple named the Delfos and they are awesome, their about in their 40's and they joined the church a year ago. There was such a spirit in their home as new members of the church and their just the best! Had pizza with them and they also promised me a Mexican feast sometime later which I am indeed excited for oh and by the way I found a Mexican restaurant just like Chipotle! Tried it this week and yes  not near as good as Chipotle but its something haha.

Thursday May 21, 2015- We had to go to the doctors today to get Elder Hayes knee checked out and you know how doctors offices are, we had to wait in the lobby for about 3 hours before we could even meet with the doctor, but still for some reason I love the environment in doctor office/hospital. Still thinking about being a nurse! Elder Hayes got his leg checked out then we headed out and got some ice cream which is exactly like cold stone creamery. Real nice! 

Saturday May 23, 2015- Today we went to Dave and Hala's house, the Tongan family, and we brought some food to them because they're really struggling financially. Dave and Hala are like my favourite people here in Evandale and I just love their little boy Nathan. We had a sausage sizzle with them and then headed home. Dave and Hala are getting married this Saturday. So excited for them! Hala plans to get baptized a few weeks after too which is even more exciting! 

Sunday May 24, 2015- Normal Sabbath Day today, we went ot go visit a man named Peter today. He lives alone with his dog and is just really in need of some friends. He was a member of the church but requested to get his name taken off the list. He's not interested in getting back into the church but we just visit him and be his friend because he really just needs some support right now. Great man just very lonely. Breaks my heart.

Everyone back home, I love you all so much! I have felt the Spirit of the Lord in abundance this week and I am just so grateful for all those that have supported me in this journey of my life. UI have  learned so much and I am still learning, thank you for all that you do. I know the church is true! 

Elder Acker

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