Monday, February 15, 2016

Transfer 16, week 5

Hey everyone! Its been another week and I'm so happy to be able to email you all again! I'd just like to share a few highlights of what has been happening.

We had a great Sabbath Day this week, a lot of stuff going on! We had our recent convert Ian today received the Priesthood, he will also be going to the temple this Wednesday and we get to go with him for his first time! So excited to go and do that. We also had the opportunity to have lunch over at our ward mission leaders house brother hatchard with another one of our recent converts Mike, it was such a great time and a well spent Sabbath day.

We had another wonderful opportunity this week to teach our recent convert Hala a new member lesson with one of the members. It was great and we can really see Hala is growing spiritually. She told us an experience she had with her family. She said when she went to go visit them recently everyone was drinking and she said she refused to drink because she has made a promise to Heavenly Father. She truly understands what it means to make a covenant with God, and that is so impressive for a new member. 

Overall it has been a great week! Hope everything is going good back home!

Love Elder Acker

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