Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIA to SLC April 9, 2014

I may have gone overboard with photos but I wanted to remember as much of this GLORIOUS morning as I could.  So, here is Joe dragging his suitcases into the airport for the first time. 

One last glimpse of my three kiddos hanging together.
What a beautiful Elder
In spite of it all, here are my two boys.
We had a nice fellow take a family photo of all of us together with Joe's new camera but didn't bother to have him use our cell phone cameras.  So, until Joe sends me his photos we only have these.

This was when Joe was waiting to board the plane and the line wasn't moving.  We had said our goodbyes and were only 2 feet behind him watching him go.  I couldn't stand it, so I got back up and hugged him until the line started moving.  Joe is a hugger. 

There he goes, he turned around twice to wave goodbye and gave us a huge smile!  
We sat down at the window to watch his plane leave and the tears flowed and flowed.  

 I kept thinking, "He is still here and only about 100 yards from us."  until the plane flew away.


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  1. Hi there ... I met you and your family back in 2009 with my sister Abby. We are excited that Joe is heading to Adelaide and will be watching out for him. Tonight i told the 2 elders who were here for dinner that Elder Acker would be arriving next transfer
    Mandy Whitrod .... Adelaide