Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First week as a Missionary

Hey everyone! I just finished my laundry and my district and I are just all so excited to share with our families the experiences we have had. I've already been here in a week and it feels like it was just yesterday when Vicki dropped me off. It's crazy how fast it is going and it just feels like there's not even day and night, like there's no time, everything just flows together. Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the amazing experiences I've had here at the MTC. First off I just want to tell you that my district is like possibly the best district at the whole MTC and we all have so much love, connection, and unity about each other right from the get go! My companion's name is Elder Long and he's great. I know that Heavenly Father has set me up with this elder because I see so much of me in him. We're pretty much the same person! He's a very spirtual person so I love when we talk about our passions of the gospel. Ok, so I'm just gonna go through my journal and tell you guys the highlights of the week. I just want to say that the tour that Vicki gave me before the MTC was a great way to start my mission so Vicki if your reading this, Thank You So MUCH! I really appreciate it. I was glad I could try In N Out burger for the first time too lol. The second day here we met with our teachers and there's one guy named Brother Whiting that is by far the best teacher I have had in my lifetime! When he teaches, the spirit teaches me new truths that I had no idea existed, he is so in tune with the spirit and can I just say that this teachers are absolutely amazing and they all are so young like 23ish! It makes me want to become like them when I get back from my mission. Day 3 was a very special day for me. A sister in our district named Sister Barrett was feeling sick and she asked me to give her a blessing. I have never given a blessing before but right when she asked I was so glad to do it. I was a little nervous at first because this was the first time I've given a blessing but I just want to testify to you that when I gave that blessing, that was most definitly not Joe Acker speaking. I literally don't remmeber what I said but the spirit filled my mouth and the spirit was so strong in that room and after that the sisters told me that that was the most powerful blessing that they've ever experienced. The church is true! The next day was the sabbath and I was called to be sacrament preparor, greeter, and I had to give a talk on the atonement. I gave the talk and at the end I talked aboput dad and grandpa and the amazing blessing we have to be ressurected and receive perfect bodies again and I just cryed just like I did in my farewell. And then later that night we had devotional where the BYU Mens choir sang, they were so awesome! I was kind of having trouble that day and in that meeting I was thinking about it alot so I tried to pray to HF to give me his comfort and I promise that I know he heard me. As I was praying with all the missionaries around in the room and the choir singing, it all just became silent and all I could here is the spirit tell "Elder Acker, I am right here." and that builds my faith knowing that we all can have personal relationships with HF and he is very aware of all of our needs. Elder Long and I taught our first real investogator named Lawanna, she has cancer so we had to do Skype appointments which was interesting. Our fist lesson we taught the BoM and she was skeptical about the bible and a "new" book but the second lesson went so well and we commited her to read it and pray about it and she seemed excited. The key is to share sxcriptures that are relavant to the investigator. Me and Elder Long walked out of that lesson full of the spirit and we were just so happy and loved and cared about Lawanna so much already. Yestereday, during devotional we got to hear from the Apostle Neil Anderson, it was amazing to hear from a special witness of Christ and actually be in the room with an apostle. So that basically covers my week from what I can remember but I just want to tell you guys that I have changed already and it is amazing, I listen to spiritual promting way better and my faith grows everyday. Oh and mom, I know you said to be involved so my district joined the choir and we'll be singing on easter sunday to another apostle who will speak to us, we don't know wjho yet. I really lovemy district, we are so fun and happy and we sing Frozen and Phantom of the Opera songs all the time. I am so happy and love the MTC experience and can't wait to to go to Australia and Preach the gospel.
Love you All and Miss you!
Elder Acker



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