Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Places, New Faces, Same Home

Hello Everyone! I have arrived in Adelaide, Australia! It was an exhausting flight and I'm still a bit jet lagged but I'm having a great time! We arrived in Adelaide on Wednsday and me and all the missionaries that I flew with got sent to the mission home to meet President Carter, SIster Carter, and our new companions! We got there and learned a little bit about the mission and then we were off to dinner with our trainers. We had chili and soup but all the new missionaries were like dead because of the flying but it was good. We got to talk to all our trainers and we all got to bare our testimonies to each other. After that we were assigned to our area and trainers. I have been assigned to the Trott Park Area in Marion, just under Adelaide so right next to the coast. And I have been assigned to Elder Villierme, he is from Tahiti and he's an awesome missionary, I learn a lot from his example. I truly know that Heavenly Father has put us together because you won't believe what he said to me the first time we met even before we became companions. He says to me, "Oh my gosh, your Elder Acker, how's your dad?" When he said this I was confused because I had know idea how he knew about my dad's sitaution. Lo and behold, he already knew about me through a member in the ward, the Whitrods! I knew that I was going to be able to see them on my mission but I wouldv'e never thought that I would see them in my firsat area. I also goit to see Abby Field again during church yesterday. It was just weird to think that they have been to my house beforew about 5 years ago and now I'm at their house drinking ginger beer and talking about the gospel. Small world (church)! So my first day in the field, we went street contacting. You know, I always knew that we would talk to people on the street but I never knew that we would talk to everyone we walk by! It's really interesting and fun to get to talk to all these children of God because we get so many opportunities to help them come unto Christ. But let me just say from the experiences I've had this week, whoever says that Aussie's are WAY more friendly then Americans told me wrong haha. Don't get me worng! There's alot of lovely people here but some are so not haha. We've had a couple of times where we have been yelled at with very explicit profanity as people drive by and alot of the time when we talk to people they talk about how wrong our beliefs are in a really rude way. But you know, what I have noticed about these people is that when these things happen all I can do is SMILE. It's weird like after we get insulted I can't help but become even more motivated and inspired to talk to people. Elder Villierme told me something that really hit. me. Obviously there's alot of persecution here but we know from that that God trusts us to be here. God sends his strongest servajnts to places of persecution and I can't help but relate our experiences to Jeus Christ's life. He was persecuted way more than we are and he just kept loving the people and that is the exact example that we're following.
We are working with a great family right now. The parents names are Mark and Sheila and they have two sons. We did some painting for them then taught them a lesson that went really well. I'll let you know how it all goes with them. I'm running out of time but I just want you all to know that I'm doing great and we all need to be involved in the missionary work. People are waiting and it's up to us all to bring people that hope. Also I'd advise you all to read you patriarctichal blessing more. I have read it alot since I've been on my mission and it has helped me alot and I always get something new from it every time I read. It's a great blessing to have for guidance.
Love you all!
P.S. I have become addicted to Tim Tams, like I seriously can't stop eating them, there so good. :)

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