Monday, May 19, 2014

19 on 19

Hello Everyone! What a week, busy busy busy. P-day last week was fun, we went shopping, ate Subway and then most importantly got to shop at SAVERS! I didn't even know they had one here but once i enetered the store it felt like home since me and my buddies would always go there bcak home to shop haha. I got an Adelaide Crows jersey and a chicago tee to represent the Gannons's and it was super cheap so that's good. There's a new driver on the Adelaide Roads...:) I got to start driving the next day and now I'm the permanent driver. As you know the wheel is on the right side and we drive on the left side. It was tricky at first but it's nothing to me now, but there is so many round abouts! so annoying! That night we got to see one of our investigators with a baptismal date named Hakupa. He's 16, from new Zealand and has dreads. he's super chill and we got to teach him the whole restoration. He is really interested in learning more and he's gonna come ball with us today at the church. The next day I woke up with a horrible cold which lasted until about Saturday. I would be in the lessons and I would have to constantly blow my nose so it was kind of tough but I just worked through it. Anyways, We got to see a lady named Laura who lives with her kids but doesn't have a husband. She works with kids with mental health and she is a very interesting person. She is SOO ready to accept the gosple thopugh, its wonderful. She told us of an experience she had about 2 months ago that shook her up a little bit. She said she prayed for the first time uin years and she said something dark came over her when she started praying and she said her daughter had a nightmare that night and they both saw the same dark figure. She was hestitant about praying again because ogf that experience. But as soon as she told us that I knew what she had to hear. We shared the story of Joseph Smith's first vision and how he was overcome by a drak force beofre he saw the light. We also shared the scripture where it says that God teaches a man to pray, evil spirits teach man not to pray. Those evil spirits didn't want Laura to pray that night becuase they knew that if she did pray she would get closer to God, they DO NOT want that. This made total sense to Laura and she has the motivation now to try again and to trust in God that he can save her from thopse dark things. The next day we had trade offs again and Elder Tuiluaai got to come to my area so I was in charge of planing and teaching! I was a little nervous the night before but I just prayed that God would guide me and he most definitly did. It was great to lead because I just love being upfront and contributing as much as i can. That sense of responsiblitity leads me to my full potential. I am going to continue to use this through out my mission. that was my week and I'm having a great birthday today! I love you ALL!
Elder Acker

Mandy Whitrod and Abbey Field took care of Joe ONCE AGAIN on his birthday!!!  Cake, presents and a birthday song accompanied by a flute!!

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