Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sister Missionary knows the Wichita Ackers!!

Hello There! It feels like I just emailed you all yesterday, time really goes by fast! My week has been busy so I'll just try to give you the highlights of my week. On Monday, we had dinner at Bishops and after we finished we had some time before we had to go to the flat so we decided to do some street contacting. We were walking for awhile and noo one was outside so I felt promted to say a prayer to allow Heavenly Father to lead people to us. We said the prayer and soon after we saw a man outside. We tried to talk to him but he didn't really have the time because his dad was dying. We told him that our message will help him with whats going on and he agreed to see us again. We taught him and the wife of the man whose dying yesterday and it went great and we plan to see them again. God leads us to people who need the gospel! The next day we met aguy named Nick that doesn't believe in God and tried to tell us all the reasons why the church isn't true. It was tough to hear and after we finished I was pretty discouraged the bike ride home. But once I got home I was reading about the tree of life and I received revelation when Lehi talks about the people holding thge iron rod and the people in the building mocking them. That is exactly what missionaries do. But the scriptures after say they heeded them not. That gave me the motivation to stay strong heed not to people that mock the church. The next day we had tarining with President Carter and one thing that he said that inspired me was the fact that we need to appreciate and be happy through our struggles. Life isn't all up's so we need to enjoy the experience of s=downs because that's life! we HAD DINNER AT THE wATTS  that night and they said I had to try this hot sauce called satans blood to be initiated haha. I didn't think it would be that bad but once brother watts put only a drop on my mouth I almost died! It was like a bomb! I have a video of it that I will show you later. The next day we m,et alot of people and had dinner at the whitrods. Their my favorite family in the ward so far. They help us missionaries out alot and Brother whitrod reminds me of Grandpa Mark! You all need to read Jeremiah 16:16, its a great missionaryu scripture. We must be hunters and go find people to teach. We can't be fishers and just wait for people to come to us. The next day we had trade offs and I was companion with the district leader, Elder Tuiluia. He is the district leader and he is from Samoia. We taught this guy named Darius and he is real interested in the church. I got to lead the lesson for the first time and we taught the restoration and it went really well! He is excited to read the BoM and he came to church yesterday! And then yesterday we had testimony meeting and I bore my testimony. Im goig to get up there alot more thtoughout my mission. That night we were waliing and met this family that was housing two german girls our age who are here serving amission for their church. We went to their houese and talked for like two hours about our missions and it was great. We then taugh a man named andrew mackey and we had the watts come with us. We basically testified the whole time and the spirit was so stroing. Andrew knows the church is trrue, I can see it in his eyes. We just need to figure out what's holding him back. Oh and By the way, I hgave a sister in my district named Sister Watson, and she is from Witchita! WHen I found that out I immediately went up to her and said if she knew any ackers, and she said ya Kris's family! Im pretty sure Kris and Derek told me to look for her before I came and here she is in my district! So Cool! Thats what happened this week! I would advise you all to try tyo be the best member missionaries you can because this is what brings people to the gospel! Were not here to increase the numbers of our church membership. W@e are opening the celestial kingdom doors for people and we are the only people that can do tthat!
I love you all so much!
PS it has been raining And its actually been pretty cold the past week. I thought this whole time that austarila was hot all year round. I was wrong haha
Elder Acker

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