Monday, June 9, 2014

Elder Acker is still our little Christmas Elf

Joseph Acker
To Me

Today at 7:51 PM
HELLO! Man, another busy week we had. On monday we had the chance to do some service for Sister Toker in our ward who is the relief society president. She is awesome. She's a convert of about 5 years and she has the strongest faith. She inspires me. We got to cut down some trees in her backyard. I really enjoyed it. It was kinda nice to just focus on that for awhile. We then went to go see her next door neighbor who needed change in his life. He wouldn't let us inside but we bore powerful testimony at his door. He still was accepting. As we were walking back home Sister Toker just started crying and said to us that she felt like she was "standing in Heaven" as we spoke to Mitchell. My first instinct was like "C'mon were not that great." But after she explained to us why she was crying I realized that my calling is much more than I ever thought it could be. We truly have the power and authority even above the kings of the earth. And it shows when missionaries use their power wisely. It's just like the quote from Peter Parker, "With great power comes great responsibility."
That day for some reason I had Christmas songs in my head so while I was chomping at the trees I was singing "Simply having a wonderful christmas time!" Haha Elder Villierme was looking at me funny. The next day we had district meeting and we had fish and chips at the place. Man was it good. I never really thought that i would like it that much. that day I was driving the elders and we had bikes on the back on a rack. And we stopped at a stoplight and this lady was yelling at us saying that we lost a bike wheel. It fell off while we were driving! So we had to turn back around, and we found the wheel chillin in the middle of the road. The next day we got to see and investigator named Andrew. It was a tough lesson. I didn't feel the spirit at all and we were teaching a lesson rather than teaching Andrew. I felt very discouraged. I got to admit, I was kind of mad, I was just wondering why I felt that way, and I didn't know what I did wrong to feel that way. I said a prayer for help because I didn't want to teach like that again and my prayer was answered. That night I gave the best lesson I've ever gave on my mission. We visited a less active and the spirit was so strong in the room, everyone could feel it. They haven't been to church in a year and they committed to come this Sunday. Fingers crossed. The next day some Elders cam over lunch and I made bu7rritos and of course it didn't fill us up. I should've expected that from having a Tahitian, Samoian, New Zealand eating lunch with me. We were good though. there's always food in the flat. Not much else to share this week. I'll talk to you all next week!

Elder Acker

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