Sunday, June 15, 2014

Importance of Sacrament

Week 9! After this week we will be half way through the transfer. Where the heck did time go? This last Monday we had a stake family sports day because it was the Queens birthday! It was real fun. We played basketball, volleyball, and netball. Me and my companion were killin' it in basketball and they had a DJ too so it was fun to play while being pumped up by the music even though it was pretty inappropriate, all the missionaries played! Let me tell you, netball is the weirdest sport known to mankind. Its basketball without a backboard basically, and it is the most confusing thing. I was laughing so hard at Elder Villierme cuz he's usually really intense with sports but during netball he was running around like a little kid. The next day we got to see an investigator family that I really love. their name is the Ricee's. the dad is Persian and the mom is American and they are very strong in their Bihi faith. But they always welcome us into their home and feed us and their kids are great. There boy reminds me of Michael Gannon, my cousin. We got to show them the Because Of Him video (which I reccomend everyone to watch) and Sarah, the mom said it was beatiful. It's tough because the father has a problem with the fact that we know God has a body of flesh and bones. But we will try our best to resolve that concern. The next day we spent the day in a nursing home with one of our investigators wife. Her name is Angie and she has dementia and is partially blind. It was so great to sit down and have lunch with her and her husband Andrew who is the investigator. Angie is a member. I don't know what it is but I love being around old people, just something about them makes me happy especially when I get to help them. The next day we met with another investigator named Ann who recently lost her husband to cancer like 3 weeks before we came. She opened up to us and told us what he said before he departed to the other side. this man was a nonbeliever and thought he was just going to be dead and done. But Ann said right before he passed, he said to her, "Ann, my dad is here to bring me home, I will see you later." The Plan of Salvation is true! That built my testimony so much. the way that a non believer in his last moments of life realized that there is indeed something more brings tears to my eyes. What a blessing it is to know we will see our families again. I once heard a story similar to Anns husbands but a bit dfifferent. there once was a Satanist who, devoted his whole life to praise Satan and on his death bed in his last moments he said with fear and trembling to his friends right before he died, "what have I done?" My brothers and Sisters, God is REAL. Satan is most definitely also REAL. We need to know this information. He has led so many people astray because he wants us all to be as miserable as he is. I see him working in people all the time especially on my mission. the other day I was struggling with some feelings that I couldn't hold in. I opened up to my companion, telling him how i feel like Satan is trying his hardest to break down myself and people around me, and he spoke these words to me, "Elder you should feel proud that Satan is working hard on you, he's doing that because he knows of your potential, he DOES NOT want you to fulfill that potential." We should ALL look at it in that way. Satan is sending his storms towards us right and left no matter who we are in life and he is only doing it because he knows of our divine potential. Brothers and sisters, remember this, and when those temptatrions come, remember the potential you have through your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He will help you! What a blessing it is to partake of the sacrament every week. I've noticed the power of renewing my baptismal covenant every week way more on my mission than any time. We are offered every week a new start, A chance to change. Take that opportunity seriously. Go into every sacrament meeting with something you could do better the following week and use the sacrment to help. you. This gospel is true. there's only ONE truth. And everyone will come to know of it eventually. Let's start now.
Love you heaps!
Elder Acker

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