Monday, June 23, 2014

Paranormal activity?

Hello Everyone!
A lot of stuff happened this week like always so let me do the run through. On Monday during P Day we had district sport and we were playing basketball and I dunked for the first time in my life! It felt so good. I should be dunking with ease because of my height but its because I'm white. ;) Must be from all the biking we do. Later that night we went door knocking and met these 16 year old boy identical triplets. They were crack ups and we set up an appointment with them again. There names are Jake, Dylan, and Senna. I felt bad for the kid, his brothers are just normal names, and he is stuck with the name of a laxative. We had a good laugh about that. Their real keen on learning more so we're excited to work with them. I had two trade offs this week which is quite strange but I've enjoyed it. My first one was on Tuesday in my area with Elder Matekohi. We are in the same in take. We flew from mELBOURNE TO aDELAIDE TOGETHER. It was real cool to work together since we're both pretty new to the mission. The highlight of that day was when we visited a former investigator named Craig. Foprmer investigators are investigators who have been taught in the past but have been dropped. I felt like we should stop by and just introduce ourselves but we ended up being invited ijnto his home and we had a good chat. He's had a very troubled life. He use to sell drugs for a bike gang and because of that he has post traumatic stress from a home invasion. He has the coolest house though with his own personal theater. We took the opportunity to try out the fine theater by showing a mormon message on hope through Jesus Christ. Right after we watched it he sqaid that it sounbds like theres hope for him. He wanted to show us mopre of his theater so he showe3d like a 5 minute clip of Frozen. I know missionaries arent supposed to watch worldly things but we didn't want to hurt the relationship because he was so ecited to show us. Anyways, right before we l;eft I said a prayer for him and as we were walking out he said to us, "that was weird, I felt this sensation going up my mind when you said that prayer." I went on to say that that feeling was the Holy Ghost and he is determined to feel that again :)! The next day I had trade off with Elder Bush in my area. He's a zone leader from New Zealand. It was a good day too. So I guess there has been stories about our flat because Elder Bush refiused to sleep there. We had to sleep at the other elders house because I guess there has been stories of paranormal activity at our flat and I guess the mission presdient had to go there multiple times to cast off evil spirits. I'm not scared tho, I was kind of chuckling at Elder Bush cuz he's a big guy and he was scared. The next two days were pretty hard and we were struggling in our area. We went over to the Hackam West Elders flat and discussed how we all feel. I love these guys. I never thought that at sometime in my life that I would become so close to 3 guys with completely different backgrounds. An American, Samoian, Tahitian, and New Zealander. We may have differnt backgrounds but we are brethren in the Lord. They will always be close to my heart. I can always trust them in everything I do. We got to do some service for this guy in  our ward and did some painting, we then got to go to Pizza Hut Buffet. Man it was so good! We used to have one back home until it turned into a dentist office. Yesterday after church we got a call from the relief society pres telling us to go see a sister in the hospital who was just beat up by another patient to give her a blessing. She is an old lady and has been in the hospital for awhile and one of the dementia patients attacked her but she seemed fine, no bruises or anything. So we gave her a blessing. So that's whats happened this week. Love you all!
Elder Acker

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