Sunday, October 18, 2015

More amazing experiences this week...

Hey Everyone! Hope your all doing well, another week to report! Oh BTW we just found out transfer info today, Elder Corotan is leaving, I get a new companion tomorrow. I'm really sad to see Elder Corotan go :( but I know my next companion will be good.

Monday Oct 12, 2015- Today for P Day we went to Victor Harbor once again, its such a beautiful place so we just love going, its worth the drive! We went on a gorgeous rock climb/hike on the bluffs next to the ocean. Probably the best view I have ever seen thus far on my mission. Got heaps of pictures to show when I get home. After P day we had dinner with bishop and the sister missionaries, it was a good night spent. We shared a message about listening and obeying the promptings of the Spirit, it really inspired me, I realized how important it is to listen to God and obey His will. I'm so grateful for the Gift of the Holy Ghost which allows me to be in direct communication with God at all times, I know he has a watchful eye on each and every one of us! We then went to go visit a LA family to finish off the night.

Tuesday Oct 13, 2015- Had district meeting this morning, we then went as a district to get lunch at Hungry Jack's (Aussie Burger King). Later that day we had an appointment with our investigators David and Nicole, we asked the Morrows who are members to come teach with us so they came to pick us up and headed there, to our surprise there was an ambulance vehicle in front of their house. Elder Corotan and I were both worried because David and Nicole both experience a lot of health problems so we thought something might've happened, we went inside and found Nicole on the floor, she fell over. She was alright, she just needed to make sure everything was good. We were quite surprised to experience one of these ambulance men being quite rude to Nicole and also to us, he was mocking our religion. Nicole had enough of it and she just went off on this guy, telling him to stop calling us the bloody Mormons, she expressed how much she loves us and how were not just Mormons, we're her friends. That was such a wonderful experience to see an investigator defend our faith. The man shut up and apologized later on. We then went to go see Brad, the one recently baptized. We got there and we noticed he looked a little tense. He expressed to us that his ex wife is giving him trouble. We started talking to him out front about it and after a while his mom came outside and started arguing with him! This just added to his stress. Elder Corotan and I didn't really know what to say but then we received a prompting to share our ponderizing scriptures! They tied in perfectly well with what he was dealing with and it calmed his nerves. We then had dinner that night with a young family the Grangers, they remind me a lot actually of Spencer and Jamyn Wilson, we had a great time with them tonight and their baby son is the cutest thing alive haha. Today for some reason I just felt like the whole world was against us, it seems like in this world today, good people stand alone, acts of kindness become something to mock. I'm so grateful for the Gospel because even though we stand alone, we know the truth and that's all that matters. 

Wednesday Oct 14, 2015- Today we went to go see David and Nicole, had a good lesson with them. Nicole is so solid, she just expressed to us today how much peace, joy, and happiness has come into her life since we have shared the Gospel with her. We then went to go see another investigator, she ended up not being home so we felt inspired to go visit an investigator we haven't seen in awhile. His names Terry and today he was actually home! We went to his backyard to sit down and have a chat, kindly gave us a Diet Coke, he's a really funny man, always cracking jokes but in an instant today he got really serious, he said to us, "in 30 minutes I have an apt with my doctor to see whether or not I have prostate cancer, can you please say a prayer for me?" We gladly accepted and as soon as the prayer finished we all felt the Spirit strongly, terry is a real manly man, this was the first time I've seen him shed tears. How grateful I am for the Spirit, He led us at the perfect time to visit this friend of ours, we're so grateful we were able to help him feel peace and calmness right before he receives big news. We then went to the chapel to teach our investigator Bob, we taught the Resto but it was hard to get a word in because he just goes on and on about what he knows, he's a real knowledgeable man, we committed him to read the BOM so hopefully he does that! 

Thursday Oct 15, 2015- It was so flippin hot today! I honestly thought I was gonna die haha We went to David and Nicole's today and when we got there they both looked just exhausted, the heat really got to them, we decided to have more of a relaxing lesson, so we decided to show the Joseph Smith video. We then went to get dinner with the Fechner's and when it finished we listened to a voicemail we received from Nicole during our dinner, she expressed to us that when she watched the video she felt something she has never felt before, she said that she really felt the Spirit and she said she was pain free for 2 or 3 hours after the video and she just had to tell us. Brothers and Sisters, please listen to me when I say this, THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! JOSEPH SMITH WAS A PROHPHET OF GOD! 

Sunday Oct 18, 2015- I had the wonderful opportunity today to give our friend Brad the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This was the first time I've been able to do it. I was really nervous but as soon as I gave him the blessing I felt like it was just us in the room. Really great experience. We're so glad Brad was able to recognize the Spirit right after also. Want to hear the most amazing connection I made today!? I was talking to this man that just recently moved into the ward, he married a sister in our ward. He was talking about his mission, said he served in PNG and Brisbane, obviously that is where my dad served as a missionary, so I asked when he served, he said 89 and 90. I told him "wow I think my dad served around the same time, maybe you know him." He looked at my badge and then he got an amazed look on his face, he said, "Acker? Are you related to Brad Acker?", I said "yes...he's my dad" with even more excitement on his face he said "He was my companion!" I was about to pass out! I just met one of my dads companion and he's in our ward now!!!! His name is Brad Williams I'm pretty sure. Hope this makes you happy dad :) 

Its been a great week! I look forward to the new transfer! BTW my ponderizing scripture fo the week is 1 Nephi 7:12. Look it up!

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