Monday, October 5, 2015

With the good, comes the bad!! He keeps pressing on!!

Hey Everyone! Another fantastic week in Hackham West!

Monday Sep 28, 2015- 
P Day today! Spent most of the day purusing the biggest shopping centre in Southern Australia. Humungous place. We then got to go have a BBQ at the beach in Hallet Cove. This beach is the beach in my first area so it was good to go back :) Later that night we had the wonderful opportunity to have FHE at the Stake Presidents families home. President Ellis is the man, and what made it so great is that we we're able to bring our investigator Brad too with his two little girls. The night was great, we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie and had a great time being together, the Spirit was definitely felt and we we're so glad Brad was able to feel that.

Tuesday Sep 29, 2015- 
Today we taught our investigator Phillip with Brother Morrow, taught about obeying the law of the land, went well! We then we're making our way to a less active when I ate the gravel yet again, I think that's the fourth time on my mission that I have crashed on my bike, wasn't that bad of one but I did get scraped up a bit, as I was getting up and started walking it off I looked over at my companion and he looked like he was about to cry, I asked him what's wrong and he just said "I just feel a little emotional right now." We walked over to a bench so we could talk about it and he just said that he hated seeing me fall. Honestly, I love my companion. We really are so close and because of that we get in arguments sometimes but we always work through it and come out with a stronger relationship every time. We then went door knocking later that night and we knocked on this one particular door, when the man opened the door, Elder Corotan and I instantly felt that something was wrong. Nevertheless, we introduced ourselves as the missionaries, in his response he says, "well I'm a satanist". He was dressed up in a black cloke and had a weird symbolled necklace on, we knew this man was not joking, he was full on. As soon as he said those words we bid him farewell. Elder Corotan and I couldn't get rid of the dark feeling we had from probably the darkest man I've ever met. Luckily we had the opportunity to go on splits with Pres Ellis, we explained to him what happened and he said a prayer for us, as soon as he finished the prayer, the dark feeling left both of us. What a powerful experience that was to see the light of the Gospel chase out the darkness, Satan will NEVER be stronger than the POWER OF GOD.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2015-
Started the morning doing some weeding for our investigator Anthony. Always a good time weeding. We then got to go teach David and Nicole, our investigators. We discussed baptism with them and they committed to pray about it. We then went to the chapel to teach Brad with Bro Harris, we discussed the Priesthood with him, we also prepared him for his baptism this Saturday by practicing and letting him check out the baptism font, he was a little nervous before but when he stepped in the font he said he felt better about it. So excited for him and Philip to make this step this weekend Oct 10!

Thursday Oct 1, 2015- Finished off the weeding for Anthony this morning. Today we biked heaps, honestly I'm so tired, we we're biking back and forth throughout our area just to get to out appointments. We taught Philip tithing today, and he seemed so amazed at the organization of the church through the tithing efforts, he accepted to live it. We then went to go see David and Nicole, talked to them about receiving answers to prayers and sincerely seeking truth. We then had dinner at the Fechner's. Such a busy day.

Friday Oct 2, 2015- Saw an investigator we have named David, he has been investigating the church for about 15 years, he goes to church every week and pays his tithing too! Yet he still doesn't want to be baptized, I don't really understand but I guess he know why. We talked about temples with him. We then saw Brad and reviewed the Baptism Interview Questions with him, he's good to go! We then went to go get fish and chips and as we we're about to go inside to order a man out of nowhere started cussing us out calling us devil workers and calling Joseph Smith probably the worst name in the English dictionary. I really don't get these people, honestly what is their problem. We try to ignore these people as best we can, I'll tell you right now this is the roughest area I have served in. There's a big morality problem here and a big drug problem. Its the ghetto of South Australia. I know the Lord is going to protect us though. We went to go teach Philip tonight with Brother Kirsch, read Mosiah 18 together and discussed baptism in preparation for his. 

Saturday Oct 3, 2015- Today we went to a less actives house for a birthday. They we're drinking and the brother started bad talking the church telling us that the Mormon Church is falling. Elder Corotan and I couldn't hear it any longer so we walked out. The adversary is strong in this area, I'll tell you that much.

Sunday Oct 4, 2015- What a wonderful Sabbath Day it was today. We had fast and testimony meeting today. I bore my testimony and the 3 other missionaries in the ward followed. A powerful Spirit was felt. Elder Corotan bore an amazing testimony about his father who passed recently. After the first hour we were going to class when one of the young men stopped to talk to us, he said that from the time he has been born he has the gift of discerning spirits. He told Elder Corotan that when he bore his testimony today, his father was standing next to him the whole time and followed him back to his seat. We both teared up and we truly felt the Spirit witness to us that the words that he said we're true. There is life after death! 

Monday Oct 5, 2015- Great P Day today! We went to a wildlife park in Victor Harbor and got to play with kangaroos! I love our district, its like a family, a great day spent :)

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