Sunday, October 25, 2015

Faithful servant

Good morning everyone! It has been the first week of the new transfer and I would like to introduce my new companion Elder Glova! He is from the Philippines! He has been in Adelaide for about 2 months. And to add to my new companion we have added on a whole new area to our area now so we're covering 2 areas, luckily we got a car now. 

Monday Oct 19, 2015- Today we spent the P Day at a park! There was basketball courts there and the hoops were shorter so we we're dunking and stuff which was a lot of fun. Later that night we got to go say goodbye to a few people for Elder Corotan. Honestly this whole week I have missed Elder Corotan heaps. I'm so glad Heavenly Father put us together for that short time because I learned a lot from him. I love that man, one of my favourite companions, I definitely want to go to Philippines to visit him after the mission.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015- Had transfer meeting today, Elder Glova is a great Elder with a big heart. He says "sorry" all the time to me because he always feels like he is doing something wrong. I keep telling him he doesn't have to say sorry so much, he's doing alright. He struggles with English and is very shy/quiet around people. We're really working to get him out of his shell, I know he has a lot of potential! We went to go see David and Nicole today, read the Book of Mormon with them. We then finished the night off with coordination meeting. I'll tell you right now, this first week of transfers is always the most stressful, I felt it strongly this week, with the new area, new companion, a lot of changes are happening and I'm just trying to adjust. Please pray for me dear family and friends. I don't want my weaknesses to get in the way of this area progressing. 

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015- Started the day off with district meeting, after that we went to do some door knocking then we got a call from a member in our ward who wanted us to do some service for her so we helped her out for about an hour. We then went to go visit our recent convert Brad, unfortunately he was not home, and to our surprise his mother came to the door and talked to us for about 30 minutes, she has never talked to us before so that was nice. We the had a lesson with our investigator Bob at the chapel with Bro Pollard, we taught about the Book of Mormon but he won't accept anything besides the Bible. That's a tough concern to resolve. Still felt stressed today because we haven't been able to go to our new area yet, so much going on, feel like my head is going to explode. But I just need to realize that this is the Lord's Work, not mine. And because it is His work, He will most definitely help me. So grateful for that support. We have the best boss in the universe! 

Thursday Oct 22, 2015- Went to go see our investigator Anthony today, shared a BOM Mormon message with him and then he said he wanted to play pool so we played a game with him and left. We might drop him soon, it seems like his interest is decreasing. We then went to go see David and Nicole, Nicole wasn't feeling too well so we just had a quick visit. We then went to go try to see our investigator Mahalla. Her house is always filled with people so its really hard to teach her with so many distractions, we're trying to get her to come to the chapel so we can teach her there instead. We then went to Fechner's for dinner, after that we had a meeting with Bishop to talk about transfer goals, this eased my stress a bit, layed everything out on the table so now we have the help of Bishop on our side.

Saturday Oct 24, 2015- We had service today with a member, dug up a huge plant for her, it was good fun. We then went home to change and because of my mistake we locked ourselves out of our flat, so we had to wait at our flat for about an hour waiting for the senior couple missionaries to come unlock our flat, we got really thirsty so we decided to bike down to the shops to get a drink. The things turned for the worst, as we we're biking Elder Glova ate the pavement on his bike, it looked like he was alright when he first got up but then I saw blood. I realized that he had grabbed the fence that was next to him as he fell and the fence had barbed wire on it. His hand was bleeding like a fountain, he was panicking and I didn't know what to do, I called the senior couple to see how far away they were, they said 10 minutes, so we decided to start walking back to our flat, as we we're walking a nice lady stopped her car and offered to take us to the hospital. What a good Samaritan. We then got to the hospital, they cleaned him up, the senior couple then arrived at the hospital. Elder Glova sprained his wrist and was very close to getting stitches. Even though this happened I know God watched out for us today. We were glad Elder Glova wasn't hurt worst, we we're thankful for the woman who picked us up, and we were grateful for the senior couple that was there by our side. Heavenly Father watches out for his missionaries.

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Acker

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