Monday, March 2, 2015

Transfer 8, Week 3.

Lots of yards have locked fences so the missionaries cannot knock on their door.  Elder Acker said it is "Frustrating!" 

Meeting new people at Rosalyn's

Hi Everyone! Its has been a heck of a week! Very busy and a lot of things to share! Luckily I brought my journal today so I don't forget! 

Wedsnday Feb 23, 2015- We had a great stay in Darwin and are now back in Katherine and we brought some Elders with us! Elder Johnson from Utah (who is going to play Utah State basketball when he gets home) and Elder Kellese from Samoia. We took a nice road trip together to Katherine stopping at KFC along the way, KFC is so big here its so funny. Elder Johnson and I went on trade off today and it was quite eventful haha, first we went to go follow up with an aboriginal woman named Rosalyn and we got there and she had heaps of people over and they were all drunk.  It was fun, we talked to them for awhile and then we got a picture with all of them! Later that night Elder Johnson and I were parked on a street and we saw this guy attacking an aboriginal woman, we quickly got out of the car and had to separate them, the guy tried to fight us but he was just too drunk to stand. We called the cops and they came and had to tackle him to the ground, haha that's Katherine for ya. Oh and I crashed again on my bike in Katherine, got banged up even more than my last fall but I'm all good! 

Thursday Feb 24, 2015- What a miraculous day it was today! Our zone was commited to get 40 contacts today and we got it and because of that we found 7 potentials and 1 new investigator! It was one of the best days of my mission, I just love talking to people! The new investigators name is TN, he is 17 and is from Vietnam, we knocked at his door and he let us in so we taught him the restoration! He plays ball too so I'm excited! 

Friday Feb 28, 2015- Had a pretty normal work day, it was pretty funny though today because we were biking at night and then we hear someone honk at us and its Brother Sweet, a less active member in our area in a pizza delivery truck! He just got the job and that night we got free pizza from him! It was awesome! 

Saturday Feb 29, 2015- You would not belive how hot it is here, we are exhausted but it feels so good at the same time! We worked our buns off today and everyone was nice and gave us popsicles and water bottles all day.  Everyone felt bad for us haha.  We actually knocked on the door of the cop who tackled that drunk man the other day, we all had a good laugh together.  He wasn't interested but had a good chat with him. I then almost got my face bitten off by a dog, I was poking over a fence and a dog came out of nowhere and chomped near my face, scared the heck outta me. 

Sunday March 1, 2015- We had Bro Friday and Mary at church today, we planned to have a lot more but things came up with people but it was alright and we have Delilah on date for baptism on March 14! We then met a funny kid named Shamish who is like 14 but acts like he's like 21, he was a crack up. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is excited to read! 

Monday March 2, 2015- Normal P Day, went shopping, and had kangaroo burgers for the first time! I liked it! We then went to the Wilsons and then rode our bikes back home in the pouring rain! 

Its been a great week, we have big hopes for this next week, pray for Katherine! Pray that we can stand the heat! haha Love you all! 

Elder Acker

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