Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Book of Mormon and bad haircuts

HELLO EVERYONE! Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday March 10, 2015- 
Started off the day with a 3 hour zone training! Which is like the worst being in an outlying area because you have to listen to it over the phone, I can't wait to be able to attend meetings in person, better than having zone training in bed where you can't hear nothin! haha Elder Aguilars bike went flat today so we had to walk all day which was lovely. Felt like a zombie at the end of the day! At the end of the night we ran into this aboriginal woman who stopped us and asked us if we could walk her home, she was obviously drunk because we smelt it on her but she actually seemed really worried, so we walked her all the way home after walking heaps that day but it was nice to be able to do that for her. Delilah, our investigator also texted us tonight saying that she doesn't want to go to church anymore, we were bummed but then like 30 minutes later she says, "Never mind I'm reading the Book of Mormon right now." Crazy how the spirit works, as soon as she started to read that magic book her perspective changed. 

Wednsday March 11, 2015- 
We had a sweet run in with a guy named Anthony in town today!~He is a member of the church and lived here in Katherine in 2004 when the branch was pretty big! He's inactive now but we got to spend the day with him, he said he hasn't seen Elders in ages so he shouted us Macca's! that was nice. Oh and he is from New Zealand. Then had to give Elder Aguilar a blessing later that day because his stomach was acting up, there just always seems to be something wrong with someones health. We then went to go see Brother Tipene and Brother Sweet that night which is always the best! 

Thursday March 12, 2015- 
We ran into our former investigator named John today, we were just walking on the street and bumped into him, Elder Tanner and I used to teach him and he told us today that he couldn't get us outta his mind and he wants us to come back! We were so happy to hear that! Elder Aguilar cut my hair later that night, and this was his first time cutting hair and it looks like I got attacked by a cat haha its alright though, starting to grow back. Its funny because if that wouldv√© happened back home I woulda flipped but here I'm just kida like "meh, whatever". 

Friday March 13, 2015- 
Went to the Wilsons this afternoon, and they were just telling us a bout their trip to Bali, Indonesia. They are so excited and it seems like a great vacation spot! We went to Johns house today and it was...interesting. He is juist really into Sci Fi things so he just went on and on and on and we really couldn't get a word in. I hate when that happens. 

Sunday March 15, 2015- 
We had pretty good numbers at church today, 7 people! Good to actually see people show up! We then had an awesome lunch at Brother Tipenes house with the Lucchese's and Brother Sweet. It was so great to have all the members together for a feed. Oh and guess what!? I finished the Book of Mormon! I've reead it about 3 times before but this was the first time on the mission. I know that its true! It has helped me so much!

Monday March 16, 20-
What an awesome P-Day! Brother Sweet took us to Katherine Gorge! It was a nice hike up to a lookout, I loved it! I miss hiking! We then met a guy named Harry who is having us over for a feed later today. He's from Samoia, he's huge and played Rugby for Snow College in Utah! Should be good!

Elder Acker 

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