Monday, July 13, 2015

Fainting Elder and Iranian movie

Hello, hello, hello!! So grateful to be able to email you all today!

Thursday July 9, 2015- Haven't been able to write until today because I had no time to write in my journal this week because we've been so busy! We had another huge mission conference to welcome the Parkers to the mission and we were hosting missionaries at our flat every night, and that means no quiet time to write in my journal haha I do love having all the missionaries here but there is just something about just having normal days with my companion which are the best. I enjoy those normal working days. Conference was very good, the Parkers are a wonderful blessing to our mission and the training went well. So I have a very interesting story to tell you about my best friend in the mission, Elder Tanner. So we had all the missionaries at the conference and the Assistants chose Elder Tanner and his companion to role play in front of everyone! I give him props because that takes guts! They got up there, and after the role play we were evaluating and he Elder Tanner was talking about how the role play went and he said, "my head is spinning, I am so nervous." Which is normal! He looked fine and then about 2 minutes passed by and he started to turn white as a ghost and slowly started rocking back and forth, before we knew it he fainted! After he came back he just said "oh my gosh that was so embarrassing" hahaha we joke around about it now, I'm going to remember that for a long time, I love Elder Tanner. Anyways, today we got to visit a less active lady named Jacky who was really cool then we had ward council with the new bishopric, it was solid! Really effective meeting, I'm excited to see these things put in action in the ward. 

Friday July 10, 2015- Wasn't feeling that great this morning, just felt lazy and unmotivated but around lunch time we went on trade offs and I was with Elder Costales from the Philippines. I love him, it was good to go on trade off with him even though we had a pretty bad experience tonight. We went to go see our investigator Josspepi tonight who was on baptism date, we knocked at his door and he was wearing a suit, I have no idea why but he was, we came inside, started talking and let me tell you, I though Joseppi was a golden investigator, he just seemed so ready and he was keeping all of his commitments but today, something changed, we had asked if he had read the material we gave him and he just went off telling us God is not real, and telling us that we have been brainwashed, yes I have had many interactions with these kind of people but it was such a surprise to hear it from Jossepi. We had a long discussion, but all he tried to do was "awaken" us to the truth, that is what he said. We asked him right before we left, why do you think we come to your home Jossepi? and he just said, because you want my money! Elder Costales couldn't hold back the laughter, and we just said and testified about how we were there to bring him happiness, he doesn't understand, tough night, but nothing new right? 

Saturday July 11, 2015- Such a gloomy day today full of rain, hail, and cold winds! absolutely freezing! We got o see and Italian couple today, we tried to share the Book f Mormon with them but they refused, said they couldn't read the small letters anyways. We then had a church potluck activity tonight which was good after a stressful week. 

Sunday July 12, 2015- Had church today which was great as always, then we hosted a missionary who was going home tomorrow, he was so excited to go home haha it was funny. We then got to visit a Persian family, we showed them a movie about Jesus Christ then they were able to show an Iranian Christ movie, there was such a funny part, for some reason in the movie, when Christ goes to get baptized he just stands next to John the Baptist in the water and then just dunks himself underwater, Jesus Christ baptizes himself! Oh boy, evidence of the apostasy.

Well, another week gone by, I'll talk to you next week!

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