Monday, July 6, 2015

New mission presidents!!

G'day everyone! So good to be able to write you all again!

Monday June 29, 2015- Solid P Day even though I'm still trying to get over this sickness, just sucks! I lost hearing in my left ear this morning which was strange, my body is failing me! haha honestly have been trying to get better for so long, hope to get to 100% soon. Went to go see a member tonight named Sis Shamma, she was recently baptized so we got to visit her and her non-member husband which went well. Probably wasn't a good idea to go biking in the cold tonight but I just was tired of being in the car, felt so lazy! We biked to our investigator Park who is from Korea. He plans to be baptized in December in Korea but we really just felt the Spirit prompt us to testify to him that he can be baptized sooner and that he is ready. He has left for Korera for two weeks to think about it, we hope he makes the right decision. He is so ready to receive the full blessings of the Gospel!

Wednesday July 1, 2015- Busy, busy, busy day. Started off the morning with district meeting, then we managed to get 5 lessons in today which is really good for this mission. Usually we only get one or two per day. We were just staying busy, those are the best days.

Thursday July 2, 2015- We started the morning by doing some weeding for Balodis family. I really do love weeding, but there was these weird plants that he had that sting you every time you touch them, honestly had no idea a plant could do such a things, weirdest sensation when you touch them. We were able to try Bro Balodis's famous cronuts after that which are like lighter flakier donuts and boy were they good! Way better than donuts! We then went to Bro Bielicki's and had some hot chocolate with him, he's the best! 

Friday July 3, 2015- Lousy day, still feeling sick, it keeps coming on and off, I want to work but my body tells me to rest and I hate it, I just want to work! Slept most of the day today because that's what the mission office sister advised me to do. We then were able to go to the Puckridges, which are like the grandparents of the ward and we were able to relax with them for awhile, gave me some really nice herbal tea which helped me a lot, liked it so much that I went and bought some myself. I guess I'm hopping on the herbal tea drinking train. Got a blessing from Elder Notsu also to help me overcome my sicky.

Sunday July 5, 2015- The Sabbath truly makes everything better. Taking the sacrament allowed me to feel a renewal spiritually and physically. Was able to meet our new Mission President and Mission Mom, Pres and Sis Parker. It wasn't until I met them that it hit me that the Carters are gone, weird feeling but honestly the Parkers are great, look forward to serving with them. We had a multi stake fireside tonight for the parkers. Elder Ntosu and I really wanted to go but we needed an investigator to come, we were thinking of who and an investigator name Joseppi came to mind, we haven't seen him for a few weeks but he was home tonight and he gladly decided to come! He is from Italy. he really enjoyed the fireside, felt the spirit, and loved meeting the friendly happy people of the church. As we walked him back home he asked "does it cost money to be baptized?" we had a good laugh, then we were able to give him a book of Mormon and we felt prompted to invite him to baptism, and he accepted a baptism date for August 15! Miracle!!! We're excited to work towards his baptism, he is prepared! These are the moments I live for on the mission. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Love Elder Acker

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