Sunday, July 19, 2015

Transfer 11, week 5

Hello Everyone! Wow I can't believe it is the final week of the transfer this week, it just goes by so fast! It is so dang cold here in Adelaide and I can't seem to kick the cold that I've had this whole transfer, sucks so bad! I'm ready for hot weather!

Tuesday July 14, 2015- Trade off today with Elder Boyd from Idaho, he is the man! He is 26 yrs. old and he is just the best. I didn't really know him too well until we went on trade off, I was able to get to know him a lot better. We had a really good trade off, we were able to visit a Recent Convert named Lucia who is just the best, she's the tattooed Mormon of Australia! I'll have to get a picture with her before I leave, anyways she had a friend over named Mark today and we were able to stop by and visit. He all of a sudden just expressed to us his interest of learning about the gospel and how he wants to get rid of the guilt he has from his past, perfect missionary opportunity, we were able to teach him right then and there with the help of Lucia, it went really well and he started crying. Unfortunately, we found out a few days later that just after we left he kept drinking (he was a little tipsy when we were there) and he actually stole some pills and ended up having seizures that night. Lucia had to call the ambulance, he's doing well but probably won't be at Lucia's anymore :(

Wednesday July 15, 2015- We had zone training today about urgency and weaknesses, really inspiring! It is just so funny sometimes in meetings because everyone tries to like make the most profound comments like it is a competition, and sometimes missionaries use spiritual voices which is hilarious, be real! We then had interviews with Pres. Parker and wow he is the man! SO loving and I really feel like I can be totally open with him. He expressed to me that the last 6 months of your mission you will remember most throughout your life so he committed me to make it the best part of my mission, really feel motivated to! We later had dinner at a recently married part member families home, we just pigged out on their wedding food haha

Saturday July 18, 2015- We helped clean up the chapel this morning after they had an amazing YSA activity yesterday, it looked so fun. We then got to go to Dave and Mike's rugby game, really fun! 

Not much more to share this week, thank you so much for your support everyone! 

Love, Elder Acker

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