Sunday, July 26, 2015

New companion coming

Last week of the transfer! 5 more left! Just found out that Elder Notsu is packing, I will be getting a new companion tomorrow

Thursday July 23, 2015- Today we walked a man named Simon's dog named Winston, we usually do this about twice a week, man I miss my dog Jack, hopefully my family will get a dog soon! :) We went to go see the Balodis family today, always good to go over there, he showed us the video of that guy who got attacked by a shark in a recent surfing competition, crazy that he is alive. We then had ward council tonight, for some reason I always get really stressed out after ward council haha we're trying to work better with members, it was a good meeting though, awesome experience to attend that meeting often.

Friday July 24, 2015- Literally nothing happened today, no one was home! Just one of those days, we did have sports night tonight though which is always a good time even though like no one shows up haha

Saturday July 25, 2015- So stinkin cold! We were on the bikes this morning and I just could not handle it, too freezing! I never even thought Australia would be cold haha We went to go set up chairs at the chapel this morning for the Stake Sacrament Meeting tomorrow, went by really fast cuz we had a lot of people helping out. We then went to go see the Spaldings, lovely couple. We then went door knocking for quite a long time tonight, finding no one interested, real tough this week, no one seems to want to listen but we'll keep pushing.

Sunday July 26, 2015- Had a big Stake Sacrament Meeting today which was great, we then got to go see a man named Antwin, Antwin has had a pretty rough past and he is just now trying to change, we arrived at his home and as we started talking he just broke down crying, we felt inspired to give him a blessing and the Spirit truly touched his heart, we hope to still continue to help him trun his life around. We then went to go see a Malaysian investigator named Alen, he is a man that is truly seeking for the right way in his life, he is really open to learning, we're so glad to be able to share what we know with him.

Excited for the new transfer! The last 5 transfers I have had 5 different companions, crazy!

Love you all! 
Elder Acker

Elder Notsu

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