Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busy boy

Hey everyone! Another great week here in Glenside! Way better week then the last! I hope everyone is doing well, I wish I could talk to you all face to face about the things I've experienced but I know the time will come but for now this will work :)

Monday Aug 3, 2015- Today I went on a mini trade off with Elder Tanner, always a great time, I love him. It is Dave's birthday today so we went over to celebrate! We drove with him to get some Domino's pizza, great night, honestly love that family so much. Later that night we went to go see a less active member on our ward list that I have never met before. We knocked and a lady opened the door, then came her partner behind her and he just went off at us, the sister looked so uncomfortable, it was sad to see, I could see in her eyes that she wanted to talk to us but her partner got in the way of that by shoving the door in our face, it really is hard for me sometimes to not just get angry, I've had moments with those types of people where I start to talk back, trying to work on just leaving with a smile. 

Tuesday Aug 4, 2015- Had to go to on another trade off today because Elder Van West is still sick, pretty much just stayed with him in the flat most of the day, BORING. But we did get to go to the Pennington's house later on to have dinner, really good, and man pavlova is to do for, honestly I don't know why we don't have it in America, it is the best dessert I have ever had! Go Australia! We committed the family to share a Book of Mormon with a friend and they agreed! Excited to see what happens with that, working through members is key, we're really trying to boost that in our area. Later on we went to go see a LA family, they are so funny, not too interested in the gospel but we just go over there so they can have some sort of contact with the church.

Wednesday Aug 5, 2015- Had district meeting today, later that night we committed Hala to baptism on Aug 22 and she accepted! So excited for her, my favourite investigator for sure!

Thursday Aug 6, 2015- Had the awesome opportunity today to attend the temple, what a blessing it is to go there, I love it so much. We went to the Spalding family that night for dinner and she made pavlova too! I love these members haha. We then had coordination meeting which was good then we gave a blessing to a sick sister in the ward named Lucia.

Saturday Aug 8, 2015- Reunited and it feels so good, after 1 year I have had the opportunity to go on a trade off with my brother Elder Matekohi, we came into the mission together, it was so good to work with him again and to see how things have changed, such a great man and missionary and he's only been a member for 3 years, baptized when he was 17. Definitely someone I want to visit after the mission. He lives in NZ, so visit the Balli's then all the missionaries that live there! We got fed Indian food, and Nepalese food today, I love the cultural aspect of Australia, everyone is from different places, and wow that food was spicy, I was sweating the whole time I was eating their food haha. We got to see our investigator Park tonight who just got back from Korea, he is such a solid investigator but he doesn't seem to want to be baptized here, but in Korea. We wish he could be baptized now! 

Sunday Aug 9, 2015- Church was great today as always, I was feeling like crap this morning but going to church always makes me feel better. 

Love you all!

Elder Acker

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