Monday, August 24, 2015

We keep going, going, going

Tuesday Aug 18, 2015- We had to go to the dentist this morning because Elder Mooney had to have some teeth pulled. Elder Tanner and I went out and worked while they were at the dentist office. The teeth removal was really fast and we were cracking up at Elder Mooney because of the way he looked and the way he was talking because his mouth was numb haha We went to go see our investigator Kini today from Fiji, he is cool and really is seeking for the truth in his life, we're really pushing him to read the Book of Mormon sincerely because we know he will know the truth from that, he seems to think he has to do really complicated things to find the truths of God, but we keep telling him that it is simple, read and pray about the Book of Mormon! We hope he takes that step. Elder Mooney was hurting from his teeth removal today so we dropped him off at the senior couple missionaries house so he could rest and I joined another companionship for the day. We took a beautiful drive up the hills of Adelaide to go to a members home and we saw two kangaroos! I know I've been in Australia for long but that is a rare occasion! Didn't have my camera so I'm sad. We then went on splits with members which is always good.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2015- Had a big meeting today with President and Sister Parker. They trained us on "How to Begin Teaching" PMG, working with prospective Elders, and obedience to mission rules. President Parker relates our mission now to Apollo 13, "Houston we have a problem" apparently there is a big problem with obedience in our mission...not good, but we all are determined to step up. I always love attending these meetings because I always leave feeling so inspired to be better, there is always things you can do to be better in the Gospel, you can never stop improving. 

Thursday Aug 20, 2015- Had to say goodbye to one of the best sister missionaries today, Sister Graham returned home to today to the Cook Islands. She's the best. Had lunch with Elder Tanner and Van West today, we had a good time listening to EFY in the car haha the only kind of music we can listen to. We went door knocking for about 2 hours today, couldn't find anyone to teach. We then went to go visit a less active named Simon. He's a good man, we always go walk his dog for him. We then went top the Crosley's for dinner.

Friday Aug 21, 2015- Woke up this morning feeling yuck, just run down, we just never stop and some days I wake up and I wish I could sleep for a week straight but that's how it is in this mission, we keep going, going, going!! Love staying busy though. We had to go get our car fixed today. We then went to go visit Lucia, she has a friend staying at her house now so we are able to go inside. Always good to visit them. We then had sports night tonight which is always fun.

Saturday Aug 22, 2015- We had to drive to a town named Elizabeth today to drop off a missionary, it was about a 30 minuted drive and Elizabeth is like the biggest druggie place in South Australia haha Got to see my old companion from Katherine Elder Aguilar, good to be reunited. Had dinner at the Smiths tonight. Such a great missionary couple

Love you all! 

Elder Acker

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