Sunday, August 16, 2015

Transfer 12, week 3

Hello Everyone! hope your week has gone great!

Monday August 10, 2015- Today we had a great P-day. Later that night we were able to take our investigator Park with us to a Single Adult FHE, it went well! Park is so solid, he just wants to wait until December to be baptized in Korea. But honestly he could be baptized right now, but whatever Gods will is, we will follow.

Tuesday August 11, 2015- Today we had the wonderful opportunity to gather as a mission to hear from Brad Wilcox and David Archuleta. They both gave talks and David Archuleta also sang "Be Still, My Soul" and "Nearer My God to Thee", he has such a beautiful voice, for those who don't know who David is, he was runner up in American Idol a few years ago and he returned from a mission recently. Brad Wilcox is a fantastic public speaker and author of the church. It was a wonderful experience. And to top it off I was able to see some people from my first area, Trott Park! A member Bro Whitrod and an investigator named David who I worked with most of my time in that area. It was so good to see them both, I'm especially glad David is still investigating. 

Wednesday August 12, 2015- Today we had zone training which is always good, this week was full of meetings. 

Thursday August 13, 2015- Today I was able to go on trade off with a brand new missionary, Elder Van West, he is from Brisbane. We we're able to have a great trade off and we had a lot of good laughs along the way

Friday August 14, 2015- Had weekly planning today with the Hectorville Elders, planned pretty much until 4 o clock, always fun haha We then hopped on the bikes and biked around town to our appointments. We got to see Dave and Hala, Park, and Sis Sharma, all really good visits.

Saturday August 15, 2015- Today we rearranged our whole house, felt like we needed a change. We then went to go see Dave's rugby game, we then went on a mini trade off, I was with Elder Tanner in his area. 

Love you all!
Have a great week

Elder Acker

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