Monday, August 3, 2015

Transfer 12, week 1

Hello Everyone! Another new transfer here in Glenside on the way with my new comp Elder Mooney, he is from Delta, Utah! We actually served in the same district in Darwin so we already knew each other which is always good, don't have to go through the awkward get to know ya stage haha its been pretty hectic getting situated for the new transfer so I'll try my best to explain what happened. 

Saturday Aug 1, 2015- This week has been hectic with the new transfer and everything, we actually had not a lot of time this week to do normal proselyting, I'm ready to get back to normal, new transfers are so stressful but also exciting at the same time. Elder Mooney and I had to run a few errands today, get our car fixed, get my eye tested, and such, so that was good, we then went to KFC with Elder Tanner and his comp Elder Van West, we then did some actual missionary work! haha we went finding and met this man who recently got jumped in the streets, he was pretty banged up, we got to have a long convo with him, he wasn't too interested but he was so good to talk to. We then went to Dave and Hala's and helped him build some drawers, good time.

Sunday Aug 2, 2015- Started off the morning trying to visit a bunch of people before church, but no one was home! I hate those days haha Church was great and we were able to visit Dave and Hala once again tonight, we love them so much!

Monday Aug 3, 2015- Went to Hectorville area this morning to give Elder Van West a blessing, he has the flu :( I then got to go on a mini trade off with my favorite missionary Elder Tanner and it was just the best! Love him. It was Dave's b day today so we celebrated with them tonight. 

Not much has happened so far but we plan to have a good week this week, catch ya next!

Elder Acker

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