Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Elder!!

Hello everyone! Its been a great week here in Hackham West! A lot to tell this week, hold tight.

Monday, Sep 21, 2015- Woke up this morning still feeling yuck so I asked Elder Corotan for a blessing, felt a lot better after that and was able to go out and do normal P Day stuff. Today we played sport at the chapel and wrote letters and stuff which was fun. We then went to go see David and Nicole our investigators, started to teach them the Plan of Salvation. We then went to the Davies family and watched a Mormon Message.

Tuesday Sep 22, 2015- We had the wonderful opportunity today as a mission to have the Pacific Area President Elder Pearson of the Seventy to visit us. Wow what an inspiring man, he sent a boom through this mission. He had pretty much like 3 hours just to stand up there and talk about our mission. He was so bold and loving and we all feel the need to step up. He motivated us all to be the best missionaries we can and we have definitely felt his love for us as a Special Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. I then had the opportunity to go on trade off with Elder Briscoe, and Elder I have known for awhile from Idaho. He's a great man. Just before that we left the Conference for Elder Pearson, we were getting ready to go, and at some point I was bending down to grab something and I heard a rip. Just my luck, I ripped my suit, looks like I need to lay off the KFC. With Elder Briscoe we went to go visit Brad our inv who is being baptized in 2 weeks. We taught him about temples and he also fixed our bikes too which is a plus! We then took a long bike to go visit a less active who surprisingly I found last year on trade off in my area now! Sadly, he wasn't home. 

Wednesday Sep 23, 2015- This morning Elder Briscoe and I were ready to go out and work, we walked into get our bikes but sadly both of our tires were flat, we ended up just walking to our appointment but it was really good also because we got to talk to a lot more people along the way, had some good conversations. We also found a Filipino potential named Lily who seems pretty interested! As we went to our appointment the man wasn't home, we were ready to take the long trek back when a member just pulled up in his car next to us and offered us a lift. Tender mercy of the Lord haha. We then had to go mow David and Nicole's lawn so we had to walk our lawn mower for awhile and we got it done, they had like a full on jungle in their backyard! Elder Briscoe was going hard on the whipper snipper, he loves doing this kinda stuff. We then got to teach David and Nicole again, we continued with the POS and Nicole shared an amazing near death experience that she has had which is totally in line with what we were teaching, just worked perfectly! We then had another appointment with our investigator Phillip who is being baptized the same day as Brad. We brought Bro Morrow, a member with us and we taught about fasting. We then had dinner at the Grangers, there a young married couple with one baby boy. We were laughing because both of them are younger than Elder Corotan. I got to hold their snake which was a good experience and then Bro Granger took us out to go kangaroo spotting, got to see a lot of them!

Thursday Sep 24, 2015- We went to go see Brad this morning with Bro Pollard whose a member. We taught missionary work with him today. We then did a bit of finding, didn't find to many people interested right now but we definitely felt we raised some points! We then went to an investigator named Mahalla, she has like 7 kids, got to share the Book of Mormon with her. We then had dinner at the Fechners, we had shepherds pie which is delicious. The Fechners had their daughters friend and her baby staying with them for awhile and just the day before the lady left the baby with the Fechners, she couldn't handle being a mother, it just broke my heart. That baby has been abandoned, but he's in good care with the Fechners. 

Friday Sep 26, 2015- Today we had another conference which lasted 6 hours pretty much just going over Elder Pearsons training. After that we had a lesson with Phillip at the chapel and we talked about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. We then had sports night and Mahalla came with all her kids! It was a great time and we were actually able to take Mahaalla on a tour of the chapel, and when we walked into the literal chapel, she felt the Spirit and said, "wow, this is really nice" There is such a tangible feeling in the Chapel. 

Saturday Sep 27, 2015- Started off the morning cleaning some gutters of a members home. We then came home, changed, and went to go see David and Nicole with Bishop. Before we started the lesson Nicole told us that when we called her earlier before she just broke down in tears. She said she was having a really bad day but when we called and expressed our love to them she felt better. We had a  Powerful lesson, we talked about faith and Bishop personally invited them to church and baptism. We then met a new investigator named Bob, sat at a park and just talked about lfie and God, he's pretty knowledgeable about the Gospel, we hope for some good things from him. We then went to go see Brad, we talked about Eternal Families. We then saw the Williams, had a good discussion with them about our eternal destinies. 

Sunday Sep 28, 2015- One of the best Sundays I've had in my mission, we had 5 investigators at church! ( David+Nicole, Philip, Brad, and Anthony) We were so happy to have the all there. Really enjoyed the Sabbath today.

Thanks for all the prayers everyone! 

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