Sunday, November 8, 2015

Transfer 14, week 3

Hey everyone! Another week gone by!

Tuesday Nov 3, 2015- Had district meeting this morning than had the wonderful opportunity to go on a trade off with Elder Skadins from Melbourne in  his area. His area is called Victor Harbor and it is honestly the most beautiful area in Adelaide. It was so good to go on a trade off there today. It was pretty cool visiting people there because I went on trade off there a year ago when I was serving in Trott Park and got to see some familiar faces. We had a cool opportunity to teach the YM of the Victor Harbor Branch about missionary work. It was good fun.

Wednesday Nov 4, 2015- Today we begun the day with a service at this lady's house. I always love doing service especially today beacsue it was followed by a wonderful homemade meal! We then finished our trade off and I headed back to my area with Elder Glvoa. We went to go visit David and Nicole, we shared Alma 32:28 with them and explained to them how we have seen their faith grow, it was a great lesson. We then went to go see Brad, and re introduced him to the BOM. Whenever someone is baptized, we re teach the missionary lessons. I was able to see today how much prayer can help us, I've been dealing with a lot of trials and temptation this week and I just have such a strong testimony that as we call upon our God in time of need, He will help us. I am so far from perfect so I need His help. Everyone does. 

Thursday Nov 5, 2015- Today was a very gloomy day, the weather was rainy all day but we still got to visit a lot of people today! We went door knocking and we met this one lady named Joy, she was an old lady and was so excited to see us when she opened the door! She said that it has been a long time since "Mormon missionaries" have visited her, she was so sweet. We set up a return appointment with her and her husband and before we left she grabbed both me and Elder Glova and gave us a big kiss on the cheek against our will haha Elder Glova was so startled. We then went to go visit a less active named Bro Brogan, he is very sick so we gave him a blessing. We then saw our investigator Anthony and he expressed to us how much prayer has helped him with his mental problems. I'm telling you all, prayer is the key to happiness. We went door knocking heaps today, unfortunately no one was interested, although Elder Glova and I both felt very happy, we know diligence brings blessings even if you don't find someone that day.

Sunday Nov 8, 2015- We we're glad to see Brad receive the Priesthood today! What a great blessing to witness that. He is so keen to serve in the church, we are so excited for him. There's not much else to tell this week, although I was able to receive an email from Dave and Hala this week, I don't know if you remember them from my last area but Hala was baptized!!! So happy for her!

Love you All! 

Elder Acker

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