Monday, November 16, 2015

Transfer 14, week 4

G'day everyone! So good to email you all again this week! 

Monday Nov 9, 2015- Today we had missionary Choir practice for P day but before that we went to all you can eat Pizza Hut as a district! Later that night we had a wonderful family home evening with the Dixon's. 

Tuesday Nov 10, 2015- Today was such a Spirit filed day! I just felt so good today doing the work, it was really great! This morning we found some new investigators. They are an old couple from England named Joy and Lez, they are wonderful. They used to have missionaries over all the time years ago and they said we we're the first missionaries they have seen in a long, long time. They are so lovely and Joy never allows us to leave without giving us a kiss on the cheek, she doesn't care that we're missionaries, she does it anyways haha, can't really get away from it. After that we went to this amazing American Diner we found in our area and they have buffalo wings! First time I have had wings in a long long time, I was in heaven. After that we went to go see our investigator Terry, he is crack up. He is just always laughing and having a good time, its always good to go to Terry's to lift our spirits haha We then went to dinner with the Thornton's, had a good discussion with them about the Spirit World, really felt the Spirit, there is most definitely an afterlife. They told us this interesting concept that sometimes when we are teaching the lessons to investigators sometimes we're actually teaching some more spirits who want to learn the Gospel in the spirit world. That helped me feel more accountable and make sure I'm doing my best whenever I'm teaching. We then had the wonderful opportunity to go see David and Nicole today with Bishop Rice. David and Nicole are really progressing and I ope they are baptized before I go home. Nicole expressed to us that one night she couldn't sleep all night because she couldn't stop thing about baptism. The Spirit is really working with her and we hope she can commit to baptism soon. The Gospel is true Brothers and Sisters, the Atonement is real! 

Wednesday Nov 11, 2015- Today we had a huge zone training and I got to see Eder Corotan! I missed him so much so it was so good to see him again. We then went to go see our investigator Anthony. He recently lost his job so he was feeling pretty depressed, we just tried to help him have faith, we hope everything works out for him. After that we went to go see Brad, we shared the Joseph Smith Story with him. The Spirit prompted ne today to share that with him because he is dealing with a few3 things right now, I specifically shared about his experience in liberty jail and God's promise that all of our trial are for our experience and good. I' grateful for that story, really puts everything in perspective. 

The rest of the week was pretty crazy, I just forgot to write in my journal, sorry about that! I don't have a lot of time left so I have to conclude!

Love you al! 

Elder Acker

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