Monday, November 30, 2015

Transfer 14, week 6

Boy oh boy, what a transfer this was. I just found out the transfer news today everyone. To Elder Glova and I's surprise, we both are packing and leaving the area.... Never in my mission have I been so shocked and sad to leave an area.  I really, really, really wanted to finish my mission in this area, but you know, GODS WILL. I'm saddened to leave this area but excited to see what God has in store for me. Anyways let me tell you what happened this week. 

Thurs Nov 26, 2015- Today we started the day doing some service for two of our investigators Gail and Anthony. After that we went to go see our investigator Joy and Lez, they are a lovely older couple, they love to have us over but we're starting to realize they aren't too keen on learning, they just like to have us over. After that we went to go see David and Nicole, always a good time with them. (Going to miss them the most) We then we're fed two dinners tonight by the members :)

Friday Nov 27, 2015- Had a great weekly planning session this morning, after that I had to go to the Chemist to get something for my eyes. Everyone always says that I look tired or stoned haha so I'm tired of that so I went to go get some medication for my eyes, hopefully it works. We got on the bikes today and it was wonderful. Been awhile since we've biked. We went to go see a less active YM named Matt, he's a good kid. We trying to build a relationship with him but sometimes its hard because he says one of his rules is to not share his feelings with others. Its really hard to help or teach someone that doesn't express their feelings. We then went to go see a LA named Bro Brogan. He has been having a few people stay at his house the past couple weeks, they weren't there at the time but we asked about how he knows them and he said that one of the guys staying with him is a president of a bikee gang. Bikee gangs are pretty much like Bloods or Crips in America except they ride around on Harleys all day. Sooo we're a bit scared now haha we're worried abut Bro brogan but he says he is a "good guy". We then had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner at the Fechner's, it obviously wasn't like America but it was still great! After that I got a call from one of our investigators Anthony explaining to us that he is dealing with a lot of bad thoughts, he has scitizophrenia so I'm pretty sure he had an attack. So I said a prayer for him and told him to pick up the Book of Mormon, start reading, and the bad thoughts will go away. He did, he called me later that night and told me that they all went away. There is power in the BOM brothers and sisters! 

Sat Nov 28, 2015- Hopped on the bikes agin this morning, went to go follow up with a former investigatot named Dean, we didn't know that he was in anursing home so when we got there we we're surpirsied but for me I was secretly shouting for joy inside, I love old people! haha so we went to go see Dean, sadly he has had a stroke so he couldn't communicate very well with us but it was good to be able to meet him and also talk to some other old people there. 

Love you all!

Elder Acker

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