Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quick letter

Hey Everyone! I apologize ahead of time for this letter, I forgot my journal at home and that's where I give all the juicy details so I'm really just going to be going off of memory today. 

I'll share some highlights that I have had this week. First off I was able to have a trade off with Elder Tanner this week, we get along too well haha it was just like we were companions again. I love him, but whenever we are together we get a little crazy! haha We had ward boundary changes this past week so we got some new awesome families in our ward. One specific family that we just LOVE is the Linton's. They have been married for about 3 years and have two little boys. Brother Linton is from Michigan and Sister Linton is from here. They both served missions and they are just the best! We we're so happy to have them because all the missionaries that have served in their area just love them. Shows how much good member families make a difference to missionaries. Honestly, having good members makes all the difference and that is why I love my first ward, Happy Valley Ward the most because everyone was just the best and it truly felt like a family. So my invitation to all is to be the best members you can be for the missionaries, it makes all the difference! We're especially glad because we know this family will be great fellowship to Dave and Hala and we plan to all have dinner together on Wednesday. We we're so happy this Sunday to see a lot of people at church including our investigators Park and Hala, also including a family we have been working with, the Balodis's. 

Sorry that this letter is so short, try to do better next week :)

Love, Elder Acker

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