Monday, September 14, 2015

Another transfer-former district!

Hello! Another new transfer and I am now serving in the Hackham West area with my new companion Elder Corotan from the Philippines. My prayer was answered! I really wanted to go back to the same district at the beginning of my mission and I'm here now! I'm quite familiar with the Hackham West area because it is right next to my first and favorite area Trott Park! I actually was quite emotional when I arrived because this is the area I started my mission and I was able to see some familiar faces from my first ward. Felt like I was coming home :) I'm not in the same ward but I am in the same chapel. I'm so grateful and privileged to be serving with my companion. For some reason as soon as I met him I have loved him. Its really quite interesting how it works sometimes with my companions. Some of them I just love instantly and some of them take longer to love, Elder Corotan and I clicked instantly, he loves basketball too so that's a plus. Elder Corotan is the man, he's been out on his mission for about 6 months now. Its great because he's really such a great missionary and very mature, probably because he is 26 years old! Yep, he was born in 1989 ha ha I feel so privileged to serve with him at this specific time. I ask that you all keep him and his family in your prayers. Elder Corotan's father passed away just 5 weeks ago. He is such an example to me, he has such a strong testimony, and because of that testimony he decided to stay on his mission. What a man. So grateful to serve with him. He is so humble too! Sorry I could brag about how great my companion is all day. Sadly, I was sick most of the week this week, I had to miss church! That's the second time in my mission that I have missed church because of illness. I got a flu shot earlier this year so I don't know why I'm getting sick but it sucks. But so far I have loved serving in Hackham West. Most of the people we visit I already know because I have done so many trade offs here when I served in Trott Park. I don't have many miracles to report today because its just been week 1 also with sickness but I know the miracles are coming, we have some solid investigators! I love you all so much, I was thinking about the way I felt returning to my first district and it made me realize how I'm going to feel when I see you all again, WOW! Adelaide is sacred ground especially here in the Onkaparinga District. I may not know what God has planned for me next, but I know its gonna be good. Time to go to work... :)

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