Monday, September 7, 2015

Exhausted mate...

"Sorry to disappoint you Martha baby, but the G-Train has left the station!" Those who don't know this reference, please repent haha but Yes, I have indeed found out this morning that I am being transferred! Don't know where yet but I will let you know that next week. There's always an excitement with transfers, wonder where I'm going! 
Monday Aug 31, 2015- 
Most interesting P Day today! Our zone leaders told us all to meet in the city today, we we're expecting to have an activity in the city or something but oh boy were we wrong. We arrived in the city and we're told we were doing a city blitz! Everyone was kind of bummed at first cuz we expect to relax on P Day but honestly this was like one of the best days ever. We had about 15 companionships in the city just talking with everyone! We did this the whole day and it was just great. I love talking to people, one of the best parts of being a missionary. We all gathered together at the end of the  to report our miracles and man was the Spirit strong, I love this work and I love to find people to teach! 
Tuesday Sep 1, 2015- We carried that excitement of finding into our area today and we found 3 potentials to teach! We were just relentless, and it felt so good, if I could give any advice to any missionary, that is to talk to everyone you see! You will be a much happier and much more successful messenger of the truth. Later that night we got a text from Bro Linton, a member in our ward, he's the funniest, he told us to come over so he can have an excuse to order pizza so his wife wouldn't be mad haha love that family, sad that I have to leave right when we gain them in our ward. 
Wednesday Sep 2, 2015- Had District meeting this morning and my companion and I gave the training. We trained on diligence and it went really well. Elder Callahan, our zone leader came with us today to work and it was a really good day! He is from Canada and he is a total farmer boy haha he's the best. We went to go follow up with a man named Don we met on the street. He said he lived at one of the nursing homes but we didn't know which one so we went to like 3 different nursing homes and met heaps of different Don's. We we're laughing the whole time because every Don we met wasn't him and most of the time these Don's were like incredibly old, like really really old. We finally found Don though and we got to have afternoon snack with him, he's a good man. We started teaching him this week. We then went to go see a less active named Simon. He really opened up to us today about the pain he is going through. I love when people open up like that so we know exactly how to help them with the arsenal of the Gospel. We then went to Dave and Hala's and had a quick meal there. We then got to go teach Park the Korean too. 
Thursday Sep 3, 2015- Exhausted mate, worked really hard the beginning of this week and woke up just beat. But we went out and worked like we're supposed too, on the bikes all day. We saw our Fijian investigator Kini, he finally committed to sincerely read the Book of Mormon. He tends to complicate things so we try to keep it simple, read the BOM and pray about it, that's it! 
That's basically it for this week, love you all, see you next week in anew area!
Elder Acker 

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