Sunday, September 20, 2015

Baptisms dates set!!

Good morning everyone! Yet another week in the Australia Adelaide Mission! I'm still trying to kick this bug out of me guys so please pray for me, this area is really busy so I need the prayers to be at my 100%, I've been sick for a couple weeks now and my body is just having a hard time, I need prayers! 

Monday Sep 14, 2015- had a great P-day today, we all gathered together at the chapel and we played sport and practiced our performance for a ward activity this Saturday, its gonna be good! We went to go see our investigators David and Nicole tonight, we talked about the Book of Mormon and then we shared a Mormon message with them, it went really well and they are very interested. We then went to go see the Davies family and we showed them a video about the BOM then had a good discussion about it.

Tuesday Sep 15, 2015- Saw an inv named Peter today, boy oh boy is he funny, I caught a good video of him dancing which I will be able to show you all sometime. We then went to go see another inv Anthony. He's real cool, we played some pool with him for a bit then shared a good message with him, he is going to pray about baptism. We saw Brad, our inv later today and we were able to read 3 Nephi 11 with him which is like the most epic chapter in the BOM. After we read we invited him to baptism and he accepted for Oct 10! So excited for him! Please pray for him specifically that he may be able to make that date! We then had dinner at the Williams home, lovely family. We then went to go visit a less active Oscar. After that we had coordination meeting and I pretty much got to see every member of the Happy Valley Ward Council tonight, what a great reuniting, I love them all so much.

Wednesday Sep 16, 2015- Today was quite an interesting day. So I'll tell you a little bit about Hackham West, its a good area but there is a lot of drug activity and such her so there's some pretty interesting people. Came across a man today on our bikes, Elder Corotan was in front of me and he said hello to this guy, I didn't here what he said but Elder Corotan kept biking along, and as I biked past him I said hello and he just yells back at me, "F YOU!" I stopped right where I was on my bike and I looked at him and said "what was that?" and he just went off, this isn't the first time this has happened to me but today I just wasn't gonna have it, he started walking towards me and I just stood there waiting for him, Elder Corotan started walking towards us, but soon enough the guy just walked off. I'm just tired of people like that, like why do you have to act like that, I was expressing to Elder Corotan how much I just wanted to shut that guy up but I know that's not consistent with our calling. Really hard sometimes to keep my cool. 

Thursday Sep 17, 2015- Did some service for a lady in our ward today named Sandy. Always love doing service. We then went to dinner with The Fechner's which was good. 

Friday Sep 18, 2015- Tonight we had a lesson with our investigator Phillip. We taught about baptism and he also accepted a baptism date for Oct 10! So excited! We then had Sports Night and there was tons of crazy kids there haha 

Saturday Sep 19, 2015- Today we had a ward activity and us missionaries performed a song and dance. We danced to the intro song of Lilo and Stitch and then sang Hosanna, it was a lot of time and that was my first time ever singing a solo in front of a crowd haha I have it on video but I can't attach it but it went well! Great activity! We had  many investigators there too.

That's about all this week guys, hope everything is going well with all of you. Have a great week

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